This is the kind of content that the Instagram trolls hate, but it’s the content that is the most important to understand.

I’m not telling you to eat the food on the right. That’s not the point I’m making here. I want to show you that you CAN eat the food on the right without feeling like you’ve failed your diet.

When it comes to weight loss and body composition, calories and macros are the driving forces. *cue the insulin spike comments* When you understand calories & macros, you can put the food you eat into perspective. Even the “unhealthy” food.

On the surface, eating a candy bar and chips looks like you’ve failed your diet. On the flip side, eating a slice of avocado toast and some banana chips likely feels like a winning day. But when you break down the calories & macros, they are nearly identical!

Yes, maybe the food on the left fills you up more. But from a pure calorie & macro standpoint, we’re looking at very similar options here.

Maybe the day threw some crazy curveballs at you and all you had access to were the Snickers and Doritos. Or maybe you just straight up enjoy those foods and wanted to eat them. Regardless of the reason, you didn’t fall off track. You can easily eat these foods and stay perfectly on track!

It’s not ideal to make candy and snacks the staples of your diet. But you can absolutely, 100% work them into your diet without falling off track.

Moderation is your best friend, always. Eat that Snickers bar and throw the wrapper in the face of anyone who tells you otherwise.

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