While the conversations surrounding calories are typically about how to cut calories and eat for weight loss- we can’t forget that sometimes the goal is to actually GAIN weight.

There are many reasons to want to gain weight. Whether you’re trying to bulk up and gain muscle or need to gain weight for medical reasons, you’ll need to up your calories. Just like how losing weight requires being in a caloric deficit, gaining weight requires being in a caloric surplus (consuming more than you are burning)

Please note that none of these foods actually lead to weight gain on their own- in fact, you can eat any of these foods while dieting and still lose weight! These are simply foods that are higher calorie and lower volume, which allows you to eat more and maximize your calories.

Often times, when someone shifts their focus to trying to gain weight after dieting for so long, they find it difficult to eat enough calories. Use these ideas to help you!

One of the easiest tips for getting in extra calories is cooking with olive oil (or coconut oil or butter). When we diet, we tend to stick with sprays and alternatives to cut calories. But if you need to get your calories in, don’t shy away from the oil! Sauté veggies with a tablespoon or two of olive oil and you’ll add some easy calories.

Different brands will have slightly different calorie counts, and the calories of certain peanut butter or dark chocolate bar may be slightly different, but use this guide to give you an idea of some good foods to utilize.

Have you gone through (or are currently going through) a phase of gaining weight? What foods do you find add on the calories easily?

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