Sometimes the goal is actually to GAIN weight.

We talk about weight loss a lot around here, but that’s not always the goal. If you’re looking to build muscle and get stronger, or if you’re too thin and needing to put on a little weight, you need yourself some calories!

Just like how losing weight requires being in a caloric deficit, gaining weight requires being in a caloric surplus (consuming more than you are burning)

No single food is ever going to cause you to gain weight– it’s about total calories.

So please do not get it twisted: if you do not want to gain weight, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat these foods! These are just higher calorie and lower volume, which help you to be able to get more calories without stuffing your face.

Often times, when someone shifts their focus to trying to gain weight after dieting for so long, they find it difficult to eat enough.

While there’s the obvious (and less ideal route) of eating tons of sugary snacks or fried foods, these are all options that can really help you add some extra calories into your day without needing to eat a ton.

One of the easiest tips for getting in extra calories is cooking with olive oil (or coconut oil or butter). When we diet, we tend to stick with sprays and alternatives to cut calories.

If you need to get your calories in, don’t shy away from the oil! Sauté veggies with a tablespoon or two of olive oil and you’ll add some easy calories and a buttload of flavor!

Different brands will have slightly different calorie counts, and the calories of certain peanut butter or dark chocolate bar may be slightly different, but use this guide to give you an idea of some good foods to utilize.


Remember, there’s no such thing as “clean bulking”

There still seems to be a common misconception that if you eat clean, you won’t gain weight.

If your goal is to build muscle, you know you need to be in a caloric surplus. A lot of people think that if they eat a ton of calories, but only eat “healthy” foods, that they won’t gain any fat. You know, since the calories are “clean.”

But it does not work like that…

What is clean bulking and how do you do it

If your body needs 2,500 daily calories, and you eat 5,000 calories worth of nothing but chicken, rice, and salad every day, you’re still going to gain some fat. While it’s great to prioritize healthier options, too many calories is still going to put you in too large of a caloric surplus.

Think about it this way- if you want to lose weight and you drastically cut your calories, you’re not going to see the results you want. Yes you’ll lose weight, but you’ll also lose hard-earned muscle and the results will not be sustainable.

The key isn’t to eat a ton of “clean” food. The key is to increase your intake slowly over time.

If you are reading this and your goal is to gain weight- take it slowly. Don’t jump from eating 1,600 calories per day to 3,500 calories per day. Even if you’re eating as healthy as possible, you’re not going to get the results you want.

Use my guide to help you work some extra calories into your day, but take it slowly! Don’t rush it. Just like losing weight takes patience, so does gaining weight.

Don’t get me wrong- you can gain weight quickly if you really want to, but it’s going to be a lot of unwanted fat if you rush the process. Take it slowly. Your body will thank you.

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