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Healthy Food vs Junk Food

Hey there, it’s me again: the guy who just wants to help you, but knows this message is going to get severely misconstrued.

I am not saying that these two options are equal. If you could only choose one side to eat every day for the rest of eternity, choosing a kind bar and a chicken salad is preferred over chicken tenders and a candy bar. That I cannot deny. Plus, it’s gonna be way more filling.

But way too many people fear that if they DO eat the food on the right, all of their progress will be ruined. And that is not at all the case.

Once broken down into calories and macros, the 2 options here are surprisingly similar. If you’re anti-sugar, then you’ll hate the fact that a Reese’s has more sugar. But if you’re a reasonable human being who doesn’t fear some sugar sometimes, you’ll see that you can eat these foods without de-railing your progress.

Nobody is advocating that you eat a Reese’s every single day, but I want to show you that you can easily enjoy what people consider to be “junk” sometimes while still staying perfectly on track towards your goals.

I say it all the time but it’s worth repeating: every single food choice you make does not need to be in the pursuit of perfect health.

Just because you’ve even foods that are less than optimal does NOT mean you’ve ruined your progress.

And also, if anyone ever tells you to not eat a Reese’s, AKA the best candy ever invented, you need to stop talking to them immediately.

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