Nothing triggers me more than bullshit like this getting thrown in consumers’ faces. So here we go.

I just came across this wonderful product yesterday on Instagram. And I scrolled through the comments of countless innocent people asking “does this really work?” And the response: “just read all of our amazing reviews!” Seriously?

First of all, if a product can’t back its insane claims with real research, run away. If you can’t answer whether a product works without pointing to paid reviews, we have a serious problem.

Anyway, back to the product we have here. Fat burning coffee. Only 15 calories? Neat, black coffee has less than that.

Appetite suppressant? Literally any liquid can be called an appetite suppressant since you fill up drinking it.

95% of people didn’t eat anything for 4 hours after drinking this. No idea where in the world this statistic is getting pulled from or what exactly the point is. I’ve gone 4 hours without eating after drinking morning coffee, too.

Results in just 28 days! Amazing!! What results exactly?

Most importantly, this product will only work if it’s paired with a low calorie diet and exercise. Why is that? Because at the end of the day, a caloric deficit is going to be the only thing that will lead to fat loss.

I don’t care what kinds of magical berries and extracts these products claims to have. They don’t “burn” fat. And I have a news flash for ya- antioxidants have nothing to do with fat loss either. Maybe its best not to take weight loss advice from an Instagram model who is thin as a twig and claiming she is “re-toning” with this tea- I swear on my life, this is actually something that was said about this product.

If you truly want to lose weight, stop shopping for shortcuts. They don’t exist. I promise, they do not exist. You need to put in the work, and you need have some patience. Like, longer than 28 days kind of patience. I know it’s not as appealing as fat burning coffee, but it’s significantly more rational.

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