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About Matt (Cheat Day Design)

About Matt (Cheat Day Design)
Hey there!

I’m Matt Rosenman

Since you’re here, you probably know me as Cheat Day Design (or @cheatdaydesign if you’re coming from social media). Thank you so much for checking out my site!

I wear two hats here: one hat is as a Graphic & Web Designer for the fitness industry, and the other is as a health & food blogger.

As a health blogger & recipe creator…

I am incredibly passionate about health & fitness, and I believe that being “healthy” should not be so complicated.

With so many diet fads, supplements, and false promises out there, it’s easy to get confused about what is actually healthy.

That is why I want to help! Through my blog posts and recipes, I want to help make “healthy” was less confusing, and way more fun.

I want to help because I have been in your shoes before.

I’ve tried the fad diets, I’ve bought the supplements, and I’ve fallen victim to all of the “bro-science” out there. After over 15 years in the health & fitness industry, I’m now qualified to help save you from those traps that I’ve fallen into in the past.

What makes me qualified?

I fell in love with health and fitness in high school, and I ended up pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Behavior Science with a minor in Strength & Conditioning at the University of Delaware.

I went on to get certified as a personal trainer through the ISSA, but ultimately decided that I did not want to pursue that career path.

Now here I am, using my knowledge & experience in the field to help you out!

This blog exists to help you understand health & fitness in a simple and fun way. And you’ll also find tons of healthy, high-protein recipes right here to help you along on your journey because healthy eating should never be boring.

As a Graphic & Web Designer…

Here on my site, you’ll also find my portfolio as a freelance designer for the health & fitness industry.

If you’re a health or fitness professional looking for design help, I’m your man! Whether it’s a new logo, e-commerce store, or recipe e-book, I’d love to work with you.

I am completely self-taught as a designer but have been doing it since High School. I have been running “Cheat Day Design” since 2017, working exclusively with health & fitness professionals, since that is where my passions lie.

Prior to starting my own design business, I was the Lead Designer & Design Team Manager at CrowdRise, which ended up being acquired by the fundraising platform GoFundMe.

Through the years leading up to this point, I’ve been lucky to work with some incredible organizations such as CBS Radio, Huffington Post, Unicef, Viacom, and CNN, to name a few.

If you need some design help and are interested in working together, please reach out.

Let’s connect