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About Me

I’m here to make “healthy” much simpler.

And to make it a lot of fun, too.

I’m Matt Rosenman, the man behind the scenes here. The world of nutrition & fitness has become far too complicated, and I want to make it simpler. I know how overwhelming this can all feel at times, so I want to help in any way possible.

I love food.

I’d estimate that I spend about 98% of my waking life thinking about food.

I love all food, and I don’t believe we should ever restrict ourselves by eliminating any food that we love.

But I love taking classic recipes and putting a healthy spin on them, which is what you’ll find here. Whether you’re craving a fried chicken sandwich, pancakes, ice cream, or anything in-between, I’ve got a recipe here for you.

I want my recipes to not only be a bit healthier (in the sense that many are lower-calorie and higher-protein) but also taste as good as any regular recipe out there.

PS: If you’re interested in some protein snack reviews, head over to my other blog, Protein Snack Finder, where I review all the protein snacks I come across!

I’m very passionate about health & fitness.

There is so much misinformation out there in the health industry, and it has become far too confusing for the average person.

As someone who has been passionate about health & fitness for over 15 years now, I want to help because I’ve been in your shoes before.

I’ve tried the fad diets, I’ve bought the supplements, and I’ve fallen victim to all of the “bro-science” out there. I want to help you avoid the same traps.

This website exists to help you make sense of it all.

What’s with the name “Cheat Day Design?”

The website name “Cheat Day Design” doesn’t really scream “healthy blog.” Allow me to explain.

Cheat Day Design is actually the name of my Web Design business that I launched in 2017 to service the fitness industry. I needed a fun name to launch my freelance career, and I figured there’s nothing more fun than a cheat day.

Well, since then, my views and my focus have shifted, but I’ve come to be known for this brand, so it has stuck around.

This blog started as my design portfolio but has since transformed into the blog you see today, and I now like to refer to it as “No Cheat Day Needed” to keep the spirit of the original brand name but better reflect what I am all about.

You shouldn’t have to cheat on your diet, but I also firmly believe that dieting should never be miserable, either. I’m here to bridge that gap and to make “healthy” simple, No Cheat Day Needed.

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