Matt Rosenman

My name’s Matt, and I’ve been in the design game for many years. After managing a team of designers at my 9-5 job, I left to create this business you see in front of you.

I’ve always loved fitness, so it only made sense for me to take the thing I love most and combine it with what I do best, which is designing. And if you couldn’t tell, I also love to eat.

While I specialize in building beautiful, effective websites, my skills extend well beyond that. I can work with you to create a logo, ebook, email blast, you name it!

I don’t have standard rates to share.

Trust me, I know that figuring out the cost is the most important factor in determining if you’d like to work with me. However, I feel very strongly that a website or logo (or any other project) shouldn’t just cost $X for everyone. If you come across a designer that promises you a specific rate without knowing anything about your project, that should be a big red flag.

If you’re interested in working with me, shoot me an email and we’ll chat about pricing! Don’t worry, I’m not going to hit you with 500 emails and get really “salesy” on you. I simply want to learn about your project, because a basic website with a single contact form is significantly different than an online store with 100 products! It all comes down to your goals and what you’re looking to build. Once I learn a little bit about your project, I can give you a fair estimate and work with you to come up with something that works for both of us.

“There are so many designers out there and it’s impossible to choose. Why should I choose to work with you?”

I’m so glad you asked! I pride myself on 2 things that set me apart from thousands of other designers out there:

1) I’m very involved in fitness, and I actually understand your business and how to help.

2) I pride myself on my support. Websites and other design projects can get really complicated, and I always want to make things as easy as humanly possible for you. And once we’re done, you can always reach out to me for help. I truly love what I do, and I’ll never leave you in the dark!

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