Understanding Different Kinds of Bread

Comparing different types of bread
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If the bread aisle intimidates you, this should help you. Bread has a really bad reputation with a lot of people, because it is assumed to be terrible for you. “Empty carbs”, high in sugar and lacking nutrients. But there are SO many different types of breads out there, and it’s unfair to group them all together.

The most common misconception is that wheat or multigrain bread are the healthier options. In actuality, they’re not necessarily any “healthier” than white bread! All 3 of those may be heavily processed and lacking the nutrients that make bread so great. Whole Wheat and Whole Grain are your best bet. Don’t fall for any breads that say “made with whole grains” or anything along those lines, because that is NOT the same as actual whole grain bread. The same goes for your wheat bread- if it doesn’t say “100% Whole Wheat” then it is not made with only whole wheat kernels!

Sprouted Grain bread (Ezekial) has gained a ton of popularity recently, too. If you’ve ever wondered why, it boils down to digestion and bioavailability (the rate of absorption). These are health benefits that go beyond simply looking at the calories or fat on the nutrition label. ?
To my Rye lovers, I’m sorry to leave you out in the dust. Rye bread is made from Rye grain. There ya go ?


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