Raise your hand if you love pretzels! *raises both hands*

Soft pretzels have always been my go-to at sporting events, food courts, malls, etc. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and elevated to extreme heights if paired with cheese sauce… Okay, now I’m drooling.

For so many years, I assumed most soft pretzels were right around 200 calories. I figured they’re prettt much just flour, which can’t be many calories. Turns out I was right, but only if I were eating the smaller pretzels you get in the freezer section. When you go out and get a pretzel, it’s a slightly different story.

It wasn’t until I was grocery shopping and saw pre-packaged soft pretzels in the bakery section that I learned very differently. The macros for the Bavarian pretzel above are straight from a pretzel I found at the store. 510 calories was a very surprising number to find on the label! The pretzel is larger than some of the others, but roughly 6oz is not like it’s huge by any means.

I’m not trying to scare you away from eating soft pretzels. Frankly, they’re too amazing to give up. But be conscious of your serving size. Obviously if you are watching your carbs, pretzels are not the best choice, but the calories can add up quickly too.

Unfortunately most places that serve pretzels won’t have nutritional information for you, so in a lot of cases you will need to learn how to estimate! A house-made pretzel at a restaurant will likely be closest to the Bavarian pretzel above. But if you’re gonna enjoy a pretzel, my suggestion is always to just put the calories aside for the moment and enjoy the deliciousness!

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