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Enjoying Food in Moderation

Moderation is key

I talk about enjoying food in moderation all. the. time. And yet, I still get so many messages from people who think that eating that donut or cookie or cake is going to completely derail their diet.

Maybe you’ll love the analogy. Maybe you’ll hate it. But I feel it’s very applicable.

We all know that binge drinking is not a healthy thing to do. Whether or not you drink is irrelevant- you understand the effects of alcohol. And yet, having a few drinks with friends, or enjoying a glass or two of wine with dinner every night is totally acceptable.

We understand the concept of moderation in this case.

Have that glass of wine. Drink a cold beer on a nice summer night. It’s encouraged!

And yet when it comes to food, many of us can’t grasp this simple concept of moderation.

We know that overeating is not healthy. We often refer to this is as binge eating, but binge eating is a true disorder- most of us simply overeat to the point of discomfort. Regardless, we understand that this is not a healthy way to eat.

And yet, enjoying a snack or dessert in moderation is still an impossible concept for many to grasp.

If you want a donut, you should be able to enjoy a donut (or two)! As long as you are not eating only donuts every single day, there is absolutely NO HARM in enjoying a donut.

Everything is okay in moderation. Yes, even sugar. Or processed food. Or diet soda. Or bread.

No single food will derail your diet. It doesn’t matter what it is.

I will never say that any food is bad for you. Ever. And if you understand moderation, you will think this way too.

Eating any food in moderation is okay

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