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What 100 Calories Worth of Nuts Looks Like

100 Calories of Nuts

Get allllll the inappropriate nut jokes out of your system now. All set? Now let’s dive in.

Nuts are a great snack, but VERY easy to over-consume if you’re not careful. With most serving sizes being a small handful, it’s easy to enjoy many servings without even realizing it.

Pistachios make you put in work, so by the time you eat 25 of them, you’ve already burned 500 calories trying to crack them open. But when it comes to something like cashews, I’m typically eating waayyyy more than a single serving. And Brazil nuts? Fuhgeddaboudit.

While you can weigh out a portion of nuts to keep you on track, that might not always be an option. So hopefully this guide can help you going forward!

I’ve seen guides like this pop up before, and a lot of the numbers differ slightly. Rest-assured, I did thorough research here, and cross-checked between multiple labels to get a good approximation. Shoutout to Planters for being so reliable.

Knowing how to eyeball portions and estimate calories is a great skill to have. The goal may not always be to eat 100 calories, but having a rough idea of what 100 calories of nuts looks like can help you big time when it comes to estimating.

Fun fact: growing up in NY, one of my favorite snacks of all time has always been those honey roasted nuts you get on the streets of NYC. There is no better smell in the world, either. If you know, you know.

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