Donut Calories

Is Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme healthier?
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Growing up on the east coast, I was always around a Dunkin’ Donuts, so it was always my go-to. If you’re going to make me choose, my bias will pick Dunkin every time. But these days I’m a sucker for a local donut shop, and always go for those when I travel (shoutouts to Chicago and DC for having a ton of awesome spots)

As I sat here daydreaming about donuts, I grew curious as to just how many calories are in an average donut, so I turned to my good old friend, The Internet. I chose to compare Dunkin & Krispy Kreme since those are the 2 big names where I grew up, and I wanted to see how they stacked up.

For whatever reason, I always viewed Krispy Kreme as really unhealthy, but it turns out almost all of their donuts are lower in calories than their Dunkin counterparts! Who knew!

I like to compare 2 different options in situations like these because it helps to give you a good baseline for estimating calories. Let’s say you’re hitting up District Doughnut in DC and you get a glazed donut. With no nutritional info available, you’re left to guess. Seeing as Dunkin’s glazed donut has 260 calories and KK has 190 calories, I simply use the average to estimate my calories at local spots. In this case, I’d count the glazed donut as 225 calories.

Sure, it’s not going to always be accurate, but it beats taking a completely blind guess!

That’s enough talk about calories- if you want to enjoy a donut or 6, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the nutritional info. They’re donuts after all, and they exist for your enjoyment.

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