Wendy’s Nutrition Guide

Full nutritional guide for Wendy's fast food burgers
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Full nutritional guide for Wendy's fast food chicken sandwiches

Full nutritional guide for Wendy's fast food salads


I won’t tell you what the healthiest Wendy’s item is- that’s for you to choose! But use these guides to help you choose next time you find yourself hungry and/or conveniently at Wendy’s!

For me, the choice is always the spicy chicken sandwich. It’s just so good!

You might be surprised at just how high calorie a lot of these foods are. But there a few calorie-saving tips you can use:

  1. Ask for no condiments and get them on the side. The sandwiches can be loaded with mayo and other sauces, so getting them on the side can easily save you 100+ calories
  2. Skip the dipping sauces. I know you love your honey mustard, but it’s easy to dip through 2 full containers of the stuff without batting an eye, which can run you 200 extra calories. If you absolutely need your sauce, go easy with it.
  3. Always get salad dressing on the side. Rather than dip your food into the dressing, dip your fork into the dressing first before digging into the salad. You’d be surprised at how little dressing you actually need to use in order to get all the flavor. Dipping your fork allows you to use a minimal amount of dressing without sacrificing flavor. It might sound crazy, but trust me, it works!

Ultimately, if you decide you just want some Wendy’s, then I say go for it! It’s okay to put the macros aside and enjoy a care-free meal every once in a while. Even if that means eating a 1000+ calorie Baconator. Enjoy it!

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