There is absolutely wrong with enjoying fast food every once in a while, especially if you’re craving a burger.

This guide should help you get a feel for how the burgers at McDonald’s compare. I wanted to simplify it for you, so all of the calories & nutrition are for a burger WITHOUT condiments or cheese.

The official calorie counts will be higher when you look them up, because they include condiments and cheese.

As you can see in the graphic, a slice of cheese contains 50 calories. If you’re ordering a Big Mac but want to save yourself 100 calories, you can omit the cheese for a quick calorie saver.

Want to dive into the full menu a little bit deeper? I’ve got you covered.

With the current pandemic, McDonald’s has since done some major downsizing of their menu, and I needed to make some graphics that reflect it.

When it comes to sandwiches, you’ll notice a lot of burgers and chicken sandwiches missing. For example, they used to carry grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and various other burgers.

I have no idea if specific items will be making a comeback, but as we currently stand, this is the menu available on the McDonald’s official website.

You’ll notice no salads right now- I would bet that those will make a comeback, it’s just a matter of when.

For me, I’ve never been a big fan MdDonald’s burgers, but that’s only because I grew up on Burger King and have my own little rivalry going. The burgers just can’t compare in my mind.

That being said, McDonald’s breakfast is just fantastic. Sure, if you’re looking for low calorie, high protein breakfast options, it may not be the first place you turn.

But if you’re looking for a consistently delicious option, they’ve got you covered.

As much as I hate to admit it, I love McGriddles. I’m team waffles forever, but their fluffy pancakes make perfect buns.

Pair that with a hash brown patty or 20, and you’ve got yourself an amazing breakfast.


I will admit, McDonald’s fries are pretty solid. In my opinion, there are better options out there for fries, but they are certainly not bad!

And of course, you have the infamous McDonald’s ice cream cone. At just 200 calories for a cone, it is a phenomenal choice if you want something sweet for dessert! Since ice cream can be very high in calories (hello, Ben & Jerry’s pints), 200 calories for a cone is something you can easily fit into your day, regardless of your goals.

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