Ice Cream Nutrition Guide

Nutrition breakdown of popular chain's ice cream cones
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Summer is upon us and if you’re like me, you crave ice cream often. My night cap is almost always something out of my freezer, but sometimes you just need that silky soft serve.

Keep in mind that these are far from exact. All macros are pulled directly from the source, but when you order ice cream they are not measuring out a serving for you. So just always remember that these are approximates, and if you view them like that, you’ll notice that each option is pretty comparable. These don’t include sprinkles, but if you don’t also get rainbow sprinkles, you’re doing ice cream wrong.

If you’re lucky enough to have @carvelicecream near you, their “lite” vanilla is absolutely delicious! I swear you wouldn’t know it’s low cal. But regardless of where you get your cone, realize that a small ice cream cone is VERY easy to fit into your diet! At most you’re looking at 200 calories, which is less than a lot of protein bars out there, and truly not “bad” for you at all.

Ultimately we should all be able to enjoy ice cream without worrying too much about macros. Because in the end, you’ve just got to TREAT YO SELF!


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