Raise your hand if you love ice cream as much as I do!

I’m all about ice cream. And while I’m a big fan of going to a local ice cream shop and trying new flavors (and always always always getting a waffle cone), there’s just a special place in my heart for that smooth, creamy, soft serve vanilla cone.

If you find yourself craving some soft serve, here are some options for you! I know that you could go for a Blizzard or a Frosty if you’re feeling ambitious, but we’re just talking about that wonderful vanilla cone here.

As you can see, the nutrition of these cones varies quite a bit. Obviously the size of the cone will be a major factor- we are comparing “small” ice cream cones, but there are 2 caveats there. One, “small” can mean different sizes at different places. And two, some places don’t have a small option, and only offer one size across the board.

That’s why you’ll find that your small cone at DQ offers quite a bit more ice cream than that sorry looking cone from Burger King.

Either way, you’re never going to get the same amount of ice cream in each cone, so we need to use this as a general guide. Unlike scooped ice cream, which you can more easily measure out, soft serve is dependent on the person pouring and how good of a mood they are in. So, sweet talk them a bit.

Have you tried the ice cream from any of these places? Which is your favorite? Carvel was my go-to growing up, so I had to make sure it made the list! I’ve heard high praise for Chick-fil-A’s cones, so I need to give it a try this summer!

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