Steak Nutrition Guide

Steak Nutrition Guide
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What’s your go-to cut? Let me know below!

Before we dive into this, I just want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to @beefitswhatsfordinner for providing the imagery & information for this guide! They were an amazing resource for this- check them out for tons of tips, recipes, and more.

In my search for accurate nutritional information for this guide, I found many varying results- some sources show much higher calorie counts and fat content for many of these cuts. Needless to say, I was very surprised to see that these portions are all pretty lean. These are up-to-date numbers reviewed and approved by the USDA. Over the years, the demand for leaner cuts has increased, and these reflect the new standard trims you’ll find in retail.

Of course, you may come across different trims and levels of fat. Some restaurants, for example, may leave more fat on your porterhouse for added flavor. But if you cut those fat caps off (which most tend to do) the remaining trimmed portion will be similar to the numbers above.

Regarding serving size, these are all for a 3oz COOKED portion. A standard serving of steak is roughly 8oz RAW. We can assume that steak will lose about 25% of its weight once cooked, so a cooked 8oz steak will be about 6oz, or 2 of the servings listed above.

I know this is futile, but I need to ask- please, can we not turn this into a fight of if you should or shouldn’t eat beef? If you don’t eat beef and you’ve made it your life’s mission to make sure nobody ever eats beef again, that’s fine, but there ARE currently people in the world who do eat beef, and this guide is meant to help them out.


I don’t eat a ton of steak, but when I do, sirloin is usually my go-to, especially as steak tips 🤤

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