Chicken is one of the best protein sources out there, but there is definitely a difference in which part of the chicken you’re consuming!

Before we dive in, let’s cover a few things. First, these are based on 4oz raw servings, and these servings can vary. For example, it won’t ALWAYS be 1 wing because it will depend on the size of the wings you get. Secondly, you may find the macros slightly different based on the source. Since meat can be trimmed differently, you’ll find the macros changing slightly in some cases.

But generally speaking, chicken is a great source of protein! If you’re eating the skin, chicken can be surprisingly high in fat, so if fat content is a concern for you, make sure you are aware of that.

Most people opt for chicken breast as their main protein source because it’s so low in fat (and easiest to cook) but chicken thighs deserve consideration, too! While thighs do contain dark meat, if you remove the skin then the fat content is not too high at all, and the meat contains so much flavor! Dark meat doesn’t need to be avoided.

If you’re vegan, you definitely spent too much time reading this caption, but I made sure to use photos of cooked chicken rather than raw chicken because it looks less gross. Because I love you.

I’m a simple man, and for me, nothing beats grilled chicken. If you can pull off grilled wings, you win in my book!

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