KFC Nutrition Guide

KFC Macro Nutrition Guide
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The KFC menu is huge, so I could have put together 10 different guides for this one! Between the sandwiches, bowls, signature sauces… there are so many options. But let’s keep this simple and stick to the basics: chicken.

You might think that KFC is a solid option when eating out. I mean, it’s chicken after all. But unless you opt for grilled chicken, the fried options are going to leave you with as much fat as protein in most cases.

On my Instagram stories, I gave everyone some macros and had them guess if it was a KFC item or another fast food item, and the results were very much split! One extra crispy chicken thigh has almost the same exact macros as a bacon ranch chicken salad from McDonald’s. One extra crispy tender has the same macros as a Doritos Locos Taco. And an order of popcorn chicken is almost the exact same nutrition as a “Son of Baconator” from Wendy’s!

If you’re getting some KFC and want to keep things healthier, obviously the grilled options are the way to go. But if you must go fried, opt for original recipe. “Extra crispy” only adds more calories & fat to each item. Above all, be careful of the sauces. For reference: getting a Nashville Hot Chicken Breast instead of Original adds 150 cals & 19g fat!

I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t eat KFC. Your food choices are your own! I for one am a sucker for popcorn chicken and potato wedges, although I haven’t gotten them in many years. If you want to eat some KFC, by all means go for it! Just keep these macros in mind if you have specific goals for yourself.

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