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Burger King Menu Calories & Nutrition | How healthy is Burger King?

Burger King Menu Calories & Nutrition | How healthy is Burger King?

Curious about the healthiest options to order from Burger King. Let’s break down the calories and nutrition of their popular menu items…

Burger King was always my fast food of choice growing up.

That choice was made almost every single day (I wasn’t the healthiest of children) so it still holds a special place in my heart.


Burger King Nutrition Facts for Burgers

Burger King Burger Nutrition Guide

A lot of people are surprised to see just how low in protein, and high in fat, the burgers themselves actually are. I mean, a 100% beef, flame-broiled Whopper sounds like it would be packed with protein. But with a Whopper having 660 calories, you’d expect much more than 28g of protein.

The beef you’re getting here is certainly not the leanest, so I wouldn’t rely on it as a great source of protein.

An item you won’t see listed above is the Impossible Whopper. It’s not available everywhere, but it has certainly become popular as of late…


Whopper vs Impossible Whopper: which is healthier?

Is the impossible whopper healthy?

How do the Whopper calories stack up against Impossible Whopper calories? Well, very similarly!

A Whopper will have 660 calories without any substitutions, and the Impossible Whopped will have 630 calories.

A lot of people out there assume that the plant-based option is automatically healthier from a nutritional standpoint, so I want to share this comparison to show you that may or may not be true.

Nutritionally, these options are incredibly similar, and neither stands out as a clear-cut “better” option. Since the sandwiches are built exactly the same in terms of bun and condiments, you can see that the Impossible Burger patty has 30 less calories, 6g less fat, 3g less protein, and 9g more carbs.

The one thing I will add that isn’t evident in this comparison is that plant-based meat is very heavily processed. If processed food is something you deem unhealthy (which according to recent comments, a lot of people do) then you may want to think twice before picking up an Impossible Burger.

But if you want to eat more plant-based foods, this is certainly an option for ya!

If you’re truly in the mood for a burger (or another sandwich) but trying to keep your calories as low as possible, check out this guide below…


What are some of the healthiest options from Burger King?


Macro friendly, healthy foods are Burger King

With this guide, I decided to calculate the calories and macronutrients without the condiments or cheese. By leaving off both of those, you can save yourself a fair amount of calories!

Without the condiments or cheese, the Whopper goes from 660 calories all the way down to 480 calories! You’ll be getting the same amount of protein, but the fat is getting cut way down from 40g to 22g. That’s quite the difference!


Burger King Nutrition Facts for Chicken & Fish

Burger King Chicken Nutrition Guide

If you order a chicken sandwich, the default is to add mayo. While it’s hard to estimate the exact amount of calories that adds (since anyone can glob on more or less), it’s common for the mayo to add 210 calories. If you’re looking to save calories, that’s a very easy place to start.

If you’re wondering why the macros of so many chicken sandwiches are terrible, that’s the main reason. So a spicy chicken sandwich without mayo would be 490 calories, 18g of fat and 25g of protein. Much better.

Ketchup is less of a hit at roughly 20 calories, and the same with barbecue sauce. Go wild on mustard (even though it’s gross) because it’s virtually calorie-free.

It’s also worth noting that you can swap out the fried chicken for grilled with any of these sandwiches. If you’re really in the mood for a chicken club, you can swap out the fried chicken patty for grilled chicken to save some calories and bump up the protein a bit.

Many people get confused as to why grilled chicken has more protein than fried chicken, so let me break it down for ya really quickly.

The patties are based on total weight. A 4oz grilled chicken patty is exactly that: 4 ounces of chicken. When you get a fried chicken patty, it’s still 4 ounces of total weight, but you have to take the breading into account. For argument’s sake, let’s say that there is 1 ounce of breading on the chicken.

With the fried patty, you’re then only getting 3oz of chicken, which is why the protein is lower!


Burger King Nutrition Facts for Veggies & Sides

Burger King Sides Nutrition Guide

And of course, there salads at Burger King as welll!

While they may not be the prettiest, you can certainly do much worse. If you find yourself at Burger King and truly wanting an all-around healthy option, the grilled chicken club salad is not a bad choice at all. At just over 500 calories and 40g of total protein, it’s a solid choice!


Is Burger King Healthy?

When we break down fast food, I’m never going to tell you definitively if it is healthy or not.

The point of putting together posts like this is so you can decide that for yourself!

You can make your own decisions when it comes to eating (especially fast food). I want these Burger King Nutrition Guides to help you make that decision.

I firmly believe that being knowledgeable about the nutrition of the food we eat is beneficial. Sure, if you’re eating Burger King, you may not be at all concerned with the nutrition. That’s fine! It never hurts to know.

And if you DO choose to eat Burger King, you need to put chicken tenders and fries right on your burger. Gluttonous? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely. That was always my move as a kid, and I still do it to this day.

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