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Where are my Five Guys fans at? ✋

The Five Guys menu is very straightforward, so you can use this guide to put together your dream meal.

If you were to look at the menu online and check a hamburger, you’ll see it has 840 calories. Their “standard” serving is two patties, so as you can see in this guide, it’s 2 burger patties + a bun, which results in 840 calories (844, technically)

If you’re looking to save calories, you’re going to have to get creative, because this menu has no salads or white meat options. You can order a burger without a bun to save on some calories and create a lettuce wrap instead.

Five Guys fries are damn good, but their macros are not. That’s mostly because their serving sizes are gigantic. Their smallest size, the “little”, is 227g. To put that into perspective, large fries from Burger King are 173g. A large serving of fries from Five Guys is the equivalent of 3.5 orders of large fries from Burger King. I’m not saying you need to avoid the large fries…but mayyybe split them.

What’s your go-to order at Five Guys??

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