Dairy Queen Blizzard Nutrition Guide

DQ Blizzard Nutrition Guide
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Winter has hit us here in Michigan, and it’s only a matter of time we get hit with a major blizzard. So, let’s talk Blizzards!

Full disclosure: if you’d rather not know the calories in a Blizzard, don’t swipe to see the additional sizes.

I’m gonna hit you with some fast facts for easy reading on this one.

1. I’ve never had a Blizzard. Crazy, I know.

2. The flavors are always rotating, so I did my best to include all of the permanent flavors and a few other select flavors. But I for sure left out some good ones.

3. My intention here is not to scare you from ordering a Blizzard. At all. These are TREATS, and you can fully enjoy them in moderation if you’d like. But I like to educate you so you can make decisions for yourself. Only you know what is best for you to consume, and I truly believe that it’s beneficial to know what we are consuming.

4. I didn’t list sugar content, but assume that most of the carbs are from sugar. Because ice cream… and candy.

5. A large Blizzard is a buttload of calories, there’s no way around it. To put it into perspective, a typical serving of ice cream is 1/2 cup, although I’d say most people will consume closer to 1 cup. A large Blizzard holds over 2 cups of ice cream + all the fixings, so it adds up.

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