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Starbucks Caffeine Guide

It’s one thing to understand the calories & macros of your favorite drinks, but it’s important to know how much caffeine you are consuming too! While there is no hard-set rule as to how much caffeine you should consume, it’s best to keep your consumption as low as you can on a daily basis. Why? So when you actually do need a pick-me-up, you can increase your intake and actually feel it working! Caffeine is a very powerful tool, but if you’re consuming 500mg every single day, then your body is going to get used to that and you’ll lose the effects. But if you only consume 150mg every day, you can drink more when you really need it and reap the benefits!

You may be surprised to see that the blonde roast is actually much more caffeinated than the dark roast. “Dark” sounds like it should be stronger, but it’s actually the light roasts that contain more caffeine. And, your typical cold brew will contain more caffeine than a regular hot coffee, but remember that if you order a cold brew you’re actually getting much less liquid due to the ice. If you filled up a regular grande cup of pure cold brew coffee with no ice, you’ll be getting much more caffeine (you should always ask for light ice for this reason, if you don’t already!)

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