True story: I was a chubby kid that ate Burger King almost every single day growing up. I still treat myself to the occasional burger or 2, but now that I know more about nutrition than my chubby 12 year-old self, I’m a little bit more mindful of what I’m ordering. Use this guide to help you choose something to eat next time you find yourself at the king of burgers!

Obviously everybody has different goals, but I consider these options the most macro-friendly because they all contain more protein than fat and are relatively low calorie (while still delicious). Note that these are macros without condiments- I always recommend asking for any sauces on the side. If you order something with mayo, it’s gonna add 80 calories and 8g of fat (assuming it’s not globbed on there), which might not be worth it for you.

You’ll notice that there are no chicken nuggets here. Believe it or not, they are pretty low in protein. 4 nuggets contain 170 calories, 11g of fat and only 8 grams of protein! And before you knock the veggie burger being on there- it’s actually pretty good! But they’re just heating up a MorningStar veggie burger, so you might as well hit the grocery store and make one yourself.

And any of you people who are going to comment “don’t eat fast food it’s terrible for you they use chemicals and I hate fun blah blah blah”, kindly remove yourself from this post. Some of us like to enjoy our lives.

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