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The Perfect Low-Calorie Sugar Cookies

Are sugar cookies the best kind of cookie out there?

Yes, of course they are.

I mean, what’s not to love about cookies that are mostly butter & sugar?

Well, the calories, for starters.

Let’s take ALL of the flavors you’d expect from a classic sugar cookie and pack it into a buttery cookie with only 40 calories.

These cookies are every bit as soft, buttery, and sweet as you’d want a sugar cookie to be. Yet these cookies are low-calorie, gluten-free, high-protein, and keto-friendly.

Sugar cookies are my favorite way to ring in the Christmas season, but these are great any time of the year! If sugar cookies aren’t your cup of tea, I’ve got plenty of other Christmas cookie recipes you can check out right here to get you into the spirit.


How to make low-calorie sugar cookies

We’re going to mix up all of our ingredients to make the sugar cookie dough, but we are going to add the protein powder LAST.

Similar to my No-Bake Sugar Cookie Bars, adding the protein powder as the final ingredient is absolutely pivotal. While it may work out just fine if you add your protein powder in early, it will often lead to a sticky result.

By adding the protein powder last, it absorbs most of the liquid and brings everything together to form a workable cookie dough.

With that being said, this cookie dough is still going to be soft and slightly sticky, so we’re going to refrigerate it for one hour to allow the dough to firm up and become easier to work with.

Using a small cookie scoop (or tablespoon) scoop your sugar cookies and roll them into balls using your hands.

Evenly space out your sugar cookies on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

I was able to create 12 small cookies, but if you prefer larger cookies, I would aim for about 6 total cookies.

Bake at 325 degrees F for 6 minutes. Since these sugar cookies are small, they don’t need very long in the oven.

When you remove these sugar cookies from the oven, they’re going to appear very cakey and soft. Don’t worry!

As you’ll see with most of my healthy cookie recipes, the magic happens as the cookies cool. As the cookies sit, they will sink and firm up inside, creating the perfect cookie consistency that we are after:

20-30 minutes should be all you need for these low-calorie sugar cookies to firm up inside and be ready to eat.

If you decided to make larger cookies, you may need an extra minute or two in the oven to fully cook these. However, since this cookie dough is completely safe to eat raw, you can safely underbake these healthy sugar cookies to enjoy a delicious half-baked cookie.


How to store these low-calorie sugar cookies

If you have leftover cookies from this recipe (which is unlikely based on how good they are) they can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to one week.

To make these healthy sugar cookies firm up even further, you can store these in the refrigerator. When chilled, the cookies will very closely resemble that of sugar cookie dough.


Soft protein sugar cookies

Low-Calorie Sugar Cookies

Yield: 12 Small Cookies
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 6 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 11 minutes

For me, nothing says Christmas like a batch of delicious sugar cookies, but these are great at ANY time of the year. Plus, these are gluten-free, keto-friendly, & packed with protein, so they'll help keep you on track all year long no matter what your dietary preferences are.



  1. Mix together the sugar, butter, pumpkin, and vanilla extract in a large bowl. Add all of the dry ingredients except for the protein powder and sprinkles.
  2. Mix the protein powder in last until it forms a dough ball (protein powder is very absorbent so it will thicken into a dough). Fold in the sprinkles, then refrigerate the dough for one hour. While you can get away with not chilling the dough, I find that it leads to a significantly better cookie overall.
  3. After one hour, preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
  4. Using a small cookie scoop (or tablespoon), scoop out your cookies and roll them into balls in your hands. I opted for small cookies and was able to scoop 12 total cookies out, but it may vary depending on how large you choose to make your cookies.
  5. Add to a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet and bake at 325 degrees F for 6 minutes.
  6. Let cookies cool for about 20 minutes. When you remove the sugar cookies from the oven they will seem a little bit cakey, but they will sink and firm up into a great texture as they cool.
  7. These cookies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to a week.


If you do not have canned pumpkin, or do not want to use any, you can omit it and this recipe should still work out great. The pumpkin just helps keep these soft without requiring extra butter.

I don’t count sugar substitutes in the carb totals since they do not contribute to the overall calories. If you are super strict about carbs, make sure you take the sugar substitute into account.

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Nutrition Information
Yield 12 Serving Size 1 Small Cookie
Amount Per Serving Calories 40Total Fat 2gCarbohydrates 2.5gProtein 2.5g

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Tuesday 24th of May 2022

Can you keep the dough in the freezer or fridge before naming die a few days?


Tuesday 24th of May 2022

Typo- before making for a few days ahead of time*^


Thursday 5th of May 2022

Good LORD these slap. If you are on the fence about trying them, make them tonight. See the light as I have.

I ended up with 10 cookies that were still 36 calories each, maybe just slight difference in our ingredients.

I also added cheesecake "frosting" using plain non-fat greek yogurt mixed with sugar free cheesecake pudding mix which was amazing on these but they honestly don't even need it. They are phenomenal on their own.


Wednesday 11th of May 2022

Hahaha I love to hear it. THANK YOU. This recipe is severely underrated, if I do say so myself.

PS: To anyone else reading this, I swear I am not talking to myself here. His name just also happens to be Matt.

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