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Ice Cream Week: A week full of nothing but ice cream

Ice Cream Week here!

Why this week? Because it’s the heat of summer, and the people need ice cream.

It turns out National Ice Cream Day is Sunday, July 18th, so this will give you ample time to try them all out and figure out which recipe you’ll want to celebrate with…


Ice Cream Recipes For Anyone To Enjoy

Whether you prefer soft serve vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge pops, or anything in between, I have an ice cream recipe for you! There is truly no better dessert than ice cream, so I want to make sure everybody is able to enjoy some, regardless of preference.

And don't worry, each of these recipes has a "healthy" spin on them, so I can guarantee there is a recipe in here for you (yes, even if you're dairy-free!)

Not only will you get some amazing ice cream recipes here, but also some ice cream-related informational posts, as well!

Bonus Ice Cream Content!

You love Ice Cream, so you deserve even more ice cream content. Don't worry, I've got your back!

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