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Your diet doesn’t need to be perfect

Your diet is never going to be perfect. And it doesn’t have to be!

We get so wrapped up in the “choose this, not that” narrative in the pursuit of eating the so-called best options at every turn. We want macro-friendly, low calorie, yada yada. And while it’s great to pursue healthy options and alternatives, it’s not ALL there is.

So many people out there want to scare you out of eating food. Sugar, meat, dairy, bread, diet soda… according to the internet, it’s all going to kill you, and you should NEVER eat them- no exceptions.

You don’t need to strive to be perfect. Maybe choosing the “healthier” option between a donut and an apple is clear. But you don’t always need to choose the healthiest option. You’re allowed to choose the donut once in a while even if you know it might not be as healthy.

Nutrition can be so polarizing. People make us feel like we HAVE TO follow certain rules. But for what? So we can have the perfect diets?

If we truly wanted perfect health, we’d walk everywhere instead of driving. We’d drink nothing but water. We’d sleep at least 8 hours every night. We’d eliminate the stress in our lives. But “perfect health” doesn’t exist. You’re allowed to make decisions that aren’t perfect.

I’m not advocating you stuff your face full of nothing but Twinkies and Oreos. But never feel like you can’t choose a food based on what you’ve been told. You CAN eat sugar. You CAN eat bread. You CAN drink soda. Enjoying foods you love in moderation is never a bad thing.

Every food choice you make does not need to be in the pursuit of perfect health. Don’t let the internet scare you into believing otherwise.

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