These types of comparisons are my favorite. This is a concept that took me a very long time to understand and grasp, and I think it is SO important for everyone to understand it.

I used to have the mindset that some foods were off-limits. Candy bars and fast food certainly fit into that category- I would NEVER let myself eat them.

Now, I enjoy food that people consider to be “junk food” all the time, because I understand the basics of how calories & macros work.

When you look at these 2 options, surely they are not the same. The food on the left will probably leave you feeling more full and satisfied, and will provide you with more micronutrients. But that doesn’t automatically make the food on the right a bad choice.

Once broken down into calories and macros, the 2 options here are surprisingly similar across the board. From the standpoint of managing your weight, there is virtually no difference in these options. You can enjoy a burger from McDonald’s and some Reese’s cups and be in the same exact position had you eaten a grilled chicken salad and the kind bar.

Every single day doesn’t need to be perfect, and you’re allowed to enjoy foods that don’t directly contribute to overall health. Will Reese’s provide you with the micronutrients that a salad will? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it!

Understanding calories and macros helps us to be able to see food for exactly what it is. No food is good or bad, and you can fit any food into your life regardless of your goals!

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