How Healthy is Lenny & Larry’s?

Lenny & Larry's vs regular cookies
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Lenny & Larry’s “Complete” cookies. A healthy cookie with 16g of protein, surely it must be much healthier than eating a regular cookie. Well, not necessarily.

The fact that it’s a “complete” cookie doesn’t refer to it’s nutritional breakdown, it refers to a random assortment of terms that this specific company deems important. They’re vegan, containing no dairy products. They contain no soy, non-gmo ingredients, artificial sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup. Funny enough, they’re not considered organic. But all of these terms don’t necessarily mean that the cookie is healthy, they just mean that they check those specific boxes.

In terms of actual nutrition, Lenny & Larry’s are just cookies with some extra fiber and protein. When you look at the label, remember that the nutrition is for HALF a cookie (what kind of psycho eats only half of a cookie?) I recently got a so-called “normal” cookie from a local deli, and couldn’t help but notice the nutrition was almost identical to a Lenny & Larry’s cookie, minus some extra protein and fiber. Nearly identical calories, fat, and sugar. Why is that? Because they’re both cookies. And I don’t know about you, but I prefer the taste of a fresh baked cookie WAY MORE than these packaged “protein” cookies. I’ll sacrifice the 5g of protein. If you’re watching what you eat, be careful not to assume that just because there’s more protein, that the product is automatically healthy.

How do you feel about Lenny & Larry’s? Worth it? Oh, and don’t argue with my oatmeal raisin selection or we’re going to have a real problem! #teamraisin

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