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Vegan Protein Sources

Best Vegan Protein Sources

Can you eat vegan and still get enough protein? Absolutely!

I get asked all the time how I feel about vegan diets, and it’s interesting to me that it has became a popular weight loss method. From an ethical standpoint, I truly respect a vegan diet. I love animals, so I get it! But from a pure diet standpoint, I don’t see the appeal.

When your goal is weight loss, protein is very important to incorporate into your diet.

Not only is it satiating, but it will help you preserve your muscle to lose weight properly (maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss).

Eating a vegan diet definitely makes it more difficult to get your protein (not only meat, but eggs and dairy products cut a lot of protein out) but certainly not impossible.

Of these sources, a few are soy based, which I know a lot of people like to avoid. So that leaves you with a lot of nuts, seeds and beans, which a lot of people find they can only eat so much of. That’s why I don’t recommend someone blindly eating vegan in an effort to lose weight.

Personally, I find it more difficult to eat properly when avoiding animal products. But of course, if you want to move towards eating more plant-based foods, this should help you navigate.

Do you, or have you ever eaten vegan? Do you find it difficult to get enough protein?

Like I said, I respect the lifestyle, but it’s just not for me!

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