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Is The Impossible Whopper Healthier?

Is The Impossible Whopper Healthier?

There is no deeper meaning to this comparison… this is simply to compare the nutritional profiles of these 2 burger options.

I fully understand that you may prefer a plant-based option. Or you may only want to eat meat. Or you may hate fast food and think it’s all terrible for you. That’s all fine- I’m not here to tell you how to eat. And unless you’ve hired someone to tell you how to eat, those decisions should always be up to you.

But I do know that a lot of people out there assume that the plant-based option is automatically healthier from a nutritional standpoint, so I want to share this comparison to show you that may or may not be true.

Nutritionally, these options are incredibly similar, and neither stands out as a clear-cut “better” option. Since the sandwiches are built exactly the same in terms of bun and condiments, you can see that the Impossible Burger patty has 30 less calories, 6g less fat, 3g less protein, and 9g more carbs.

The one thing I will add that isn’t evident in this comparison is that plant-based meat is very heavily processed. If processed food is something you deem unhealthy (which according to recent comments, a lot of people do) then you may want to think twice before picking up an Impossible Burger.

I’ve tried an Impossible Burger once and did not really enjoy it, but am willing to give it another shot!

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