How To Measure Progress

ways to measure progress
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How do you measure progress?

We get so caught up in our weight (whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight) and we forget that there are so many other measures of health progress in other areas of our lives.

Your health progress doesn’t have to be physical- although it certainly can be. Obviously if you’re getting stronger in the gym then you are making progress, but don’t forget that you’re also progressing if your workouts are getting easier. For you, that might just mean that simply walking a few miles is easier today than it was two months ago. That’s great progress, even if the distance you’re walking is exactly the same.

Mental health is a huge indicator of progress that we often forget about. Something as simple as being in a better mood overall is a sign of progress. Or maybe you’re starting to feel more confident about yourself. Whether or not the scale has changed, feeling more comfortable in your skin is progress in and of itself, and huge progress at that.

For me, my anxiety has always been the most important indicator of my progress. When the days go by with less and less anxious thoughts, I know that I am making incredible progress. For me, that’s more important than any weight goals or gym PR’s.

These six examples only scratch the surface. There are hundreds more we could name. What’s another way you know that YOU are making progress?

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