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Eating Before Bed

Who has heard that you shouldn’t eat before bed or it’ll turn to fat? I used to believe that too. But now I love eating at night!

When it comes to losing (or gaining) weight, total calories should be your focus. It truly doesn’t matter if you spread your calories out over 5 meals, or eat one big meal at night. If calories are the same, the results will be the same.

Let’s say 2000 calories is a deficit for you. If you eat 2000 calories every day, you’ll lose some weight. You can eat 4 meals throughout the day of 500 calories, or wait until 8pm and eat one big 2,000 calorie meal. At the end of the day, you’re in the same caloric deficit, and you’ll see the same results!

Of course, eating late at night might have other effects on you. If you eat right before bed, you might have trouble sleeping. On the flip side, you might wake up feeling like a million bucks with loads of energy! Eating late at night will affect people differently, so you need to figure out if it’s right for you.

One thing that is very important to note is that if you do choose to eat late at night, you’ll likely notice the scale being slightly higher in the morning than you’re used to. Between water retention and having food in your system, that is completely normal! Temporary weight gain is NOT fat gain! Besides, you’re likely due for a poop soon anyway.

Do you eat late at night? Personally, I eat some ice cream almost every single night before bed!

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