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You don’t HAVE TO lose weight.

This is not a weight loss site, but weight loss is certainly a major topic around here. Because of that, I feel a responsibility to approach it from both sides.

The reason I talk so much about how to lose weight is because there is way too much misinformation out there on the topic. It truly does not need to be as complicated as it is made out to be.

But just because I talk about how to lose weight, it doesn’t mean I’m telling you that you need to.

Sure, if you’re at a weight that is putting your overall health in jeopardy, losing some weight is wise. But if you’re in the camp that says “I can definitely lose a few pounds” then this post is for you.

Even if you feel like you CAN lose weight, it doesn’t mean you HAVE TO.

If you don’t want to lose weight because you love your body the way it is, that’s awesome. If you want to lose some weight because it’ll make you feel better all around, that’s awesome too.

There will be people that think you’re wrong no matter which route you choose. Such is life.

That’s why you need to do what YOU want.

We all have different body goals. I’ve been working out for 12 years and I still do it, because I like building muscle. Some people have absolutely no interest in building muscle, and that’s fine! They can be perfectly healthy in their own right without ever stepping foot in the gym.

If you’re on a weight loss journey right now and working hard at it, I applaud you!

But if you are happy and thriving the way you currently are, even if you feel like you can afford to lose a few pounds, why stress it?

There’s so much more to life than your weight. Who’s to say that the weight you currently are isn’t the perfect weight for YOU?

Don’t pursue goals that you think others would want for you- pursue whatever is going to make YOU feel the best.

You don't have to lose weight

That might mean losing weight, but it doesn’t always need to.

But if you do in fact want to lose weight, please understand that there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight.

I don’t want that message to get lost.

If you’ll be happiest with your body a certain way, that is NOT an unhealthy goal. Losing weight shouldn’t be the sole driver of your happiness, but pursuing weight goals can certainly be a factor in your overall happiness.

Nobody should be able to shame you into feeling guilty for wanting to lose weight. You’re allowed to have goals!

You don’t have to lose weight. But you can. If weight loss if part of your goals, that is absolutely okay. And if it’s not, that’s okay too.

Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for having goals.

They are YOUR goals, and it is YOUR body.

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