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Don’t worry about the scale

I hate the scale. If I had one superpower, it’s be the ability to break all the scales in the world.

Weighing yourself can be a helpful way to measure progress, sure. But it’s not the entire picture, and it’s more often than not a cause of wayyyyy too much stress in people.

The goal should always be to feel good. If you want to lose weight, it should be because you ultimately want to feel good, whether that be physically or mentally. Your goal weight should be whatever weight has you feeling your best mentally, in the gym, in your sport, wherever! NOT a specific number.

Getting hung up on wanting to weigh a super specific number takes away our ability to truly assess how good we feel.

If you’re dead-set on losing 20 pounds, anything short of that will feel like a failure. But if you lose 10 pounds and feel incredible, that’s a win in my book. Maybe the scale doesn’t say what you originally wanted it to, but really, who cares? The scale is a jerk anyway.

Weights fluctuate like crazy, too. One day you might be up 10 pounds, another you may be down 5. This happens for so many reasons: the time you weigh yourself, your bathroom schedule, the clothes you’re wearing, your menstrual cycle, how much water you drank, the workout you had, and so many other reasons. That number is going to change constantly, and in my opinion, it’s not worth the stress.

Aim to feel good and be happy overall. If that means losing 20 pounds, great. If it means staying at your current weight but improving in the gym, great. If that means putting on a few pounds, great. The answer is NOT always weight loss, nor is it a specific number.

The way you feel is significantly more important than the number on the scale. Always.

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