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You are not a failure.

This is a message to everyone out there who feels like they have failed.

There is, quite literally, no way to fail. As long as you get yourself back on track, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a failure.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained 50 pounds, stopped working out for 5 years, or haven’t stuck to your New Year’s resolution. If you get back on track right now, you haven’t failed.

It’s never too late to turn things around.

You are not a failure

You’re not a failure, even if…

  • You’ve gained weight
  • You haven’t worked out in days, weeks, or even months
  • You’re not getting any stronger in the gym
  • You overeat more often than you’d like
  • You tend to give in to cravings
  • You snack a lot
  • You no longer feel motivated
  • Your diet has been pretty “unhealthy” for years
  • You didn’t hit the goals you set for yourself
  • Insert any other possible thing you can think of here.

There’s this false perception that you have to always stay on track to reach your goals.

But this is life, and life is never perfect. Maybe you’re 60 years old and feeling like you’ve failed because you used to be in great shape. But you can get yourself back into great shape now if you truly want to. You never failed- you just took a little detour to get back to this point.

Some people pursue a career they end up hating, only to switch jobs late in life to something they are passionate about. Does that mean they have failed because they didn’t pursue the right career right out of college? No way. They learned and they grew, and they got themselves on the track they want to be on.

If you haven’t found “the one” in your life, even though you thought you’d be married at this point, are you a failure? Absolutely not! You’re just on a different track than you originally thought you’d be on, and that is totally okay.

The same goes for your health.

No matter what did or didn’t happen that makes you feel like you’ve failed, use it as a learning experience. Once you get back on track, it is all behind you.

The worst thing you can do for yourself and your progress is to get down about the past. As long as you keep looking forward, you can NEVER fail.

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