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Living With Anxiety

My Life With Anxiety & How I’ve Managed It

The best thing I did for my healthy journey- tracking macros

The two best things I did for my health journey

Dealing with others judging your food choices

Dealing With Food Judgement

You are not a failure

You are not a failure.

Dont compare your progress to someone else's

Stop Comparing Your Progress to Someone Else’s

bad day dieting

What To Do After A Bad Diet Day

Should you be tracking your macros?

Should You Be Tracking Macros?

Consistency over perfection

Consistency Beats Perfection Every Time

Stop diet shaming

Stop Dieting Shaming

Its okay if your diet isnt perfect today

What You Eat Today Will Be Forgotten.

things that won't derail your diet

Things That Won’t Derail Your Progress

The 80/20 Diet Rule

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Dieting

Fat doesnt make you unhealthy

Having Fat Isn’t Unhealthy

Don't worry about the number on the scale

Don’t worry about the scale

Do what makes you happy

Simple Happiness Hack

When you eat a cookie

What Actually Happens When You Eat a Cookie

Snacking when working from home

Controlling Snacking When Working From Home

You don't have to lose weight

Love yourself.

Patience is the answer.

Diet study

“A New Study Shows…”

finding the best diet for you

Choosing the best diet…

Stop weighing yourself

How To Stress Less About Your Weight

calories in christmas cookies

When You Eat a Christmas Cookie…

Thanksgiving eating stress

Handling the stress of Thanksgiving eating

Thanksgiving macros

Thanksgiving dieting…

Your food choices don't define you

What You Eat Does Not Define You

how to eat mindfully

How To Eat Mindfully

Staying on track during halloween

Staying on track during Halloween

Your diet doesnt need to be perfect

Your diet doesn’t need to be perfect

When you eat Halloween candy

What Happens When You Eat Halloween Candy

you can't screw this up

You Can’t Screw This Up.

Know your why

Know Your Why

Low calorie isn't healthy

Low Calorie Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Once you see results it becomes easier

It Gets Easier Once You See Results

How to view dieting

How To View Dieting

ways to measure progress

How To Measure Progress

Mental Rest Day

The Importance of Mental Rest Days

Nutriton balance

Life Is All About Balance

What to do when you overeat

What Do You Do When You Overeat?

Taking a week off from the gym

What Happens When You Take a Week Off

You're gonna eat all that?

You’re Gonna Eat All That?

You're allowed to feel like you look good

You’re Allowed To Like The Way You Look

Mental strength takes work

Mental Strength

Healthy tips for long road trips

Healthy Tips for Long Road Trips

How To Stay on Track While Traveling

How to approach your anxiety recovery

Living With Anxiety

When someone starts telling me why I shouldn't be eating what I'm eating

Eat What You Want.

Holiday dieting beyond the nutrition

Holiday Eating: Beyond The Macros

Calvin and Hobbes life motivation

Suddenly Everything Is Different

When happens when you take time off from the gym?

What Happens When You Take Off From The Gym