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Stop Comparing Your Progress to Someone Else’s

Someone else’s progress is not YOUR progress.

Don’t get discouraged when your friend is losing weight faster than you are, or getting stronger in the gym when you seem to be stuck.

We are all facing our own struggles. We all see different wins and losses. We all progress differently.

The thing you have to remember is that no matter how much someone else is progressing, it doesn’t mean you are behind. At all.

Let me repeat that.

Just because someone else is making more progress or faster progress, it does not mean that you are behind.

This isn’t a race, and we’re certainly not all on the same track.

It would be like getting discouraged when someone bikes a mile around a track faster than you bike a mile through the woods.

It’s just not a fair comparison. You are facing your own unique obstacles and challenges that they aren’t.

Progress is progress.

ways to measure progress

And it is YOUR progress.

Never ever ever compare your journey to someone else’s.

Another person’s accomplishments do not make yours insignificant. Celebrate your small wins and look back on how much YOU have progressed, because that is all that matters.

And when it comes to progress, I’m a big proponent of looking at things as baby steps. We get way too focused on the big picture of trying to lose X pounds or increase our strength by X% that anything short of our goals feels like a failure. But small progress should always be celebrated!

Weight loss progress


Sure, weight loss is going to remain consistent for an entire year to create this perfect math, but I hope you can see the point beyond that.

Sometimes our progress is simply not measurable. 0.1 pounds, 0.5 pounds, or even 1 pound, are probably not going to be noticeable amounts of weight loss. If you only lose 1 pound and your best friend loses 10, it’s easy to feel like they’re lightyears ahead of you. I mean, they’ve lost 10x as much weight as you have.

But we need to stop comparing the two.

Sure, maybe they lost 10 pounds. But that has absolutely no effect on YOU and YOUR progress.

Focus on the fact that you lost one pound. Maybe it feels insignificant to you now, but it all starts with one pound. If you remain consistent and lose just one pound every single week, you’d be down 52 pounds at the end of the year!

When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter what progress someone else did or didn’t make.

All that matters is what you have accomplished.

Be proud of what you’ve done and stay focused on your own journey. If you do that, you’ll always set yourself up to succeed.

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