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The No Mo’ Macros FREE Email Series

One Month To Break Free From The Need To Track Macros

Are you tired of constantly counting macros? Feeling trapped by numbers every time you eat? Want to build a healthier, more intuitive relationship with your food? You’re in the right place!

For years, I was trapped in the constant cycle of tracking macros. I love macro-tracking as a tool, but at a certain point, it becomes an obsession. I lived that life, and I was able to break free from that obsession.

Give me one month, and I’ll help you break free from the reliance on tracking macros, too.

Who Is This Email Series For?

🥗 Long-Time Macro Trackers: Anyone who has relied on macro tracking for a while but feels it might be time for a change.

😰 Overwhelmed Dieters: Feeling bogged down by all the numbers and guidelines? This is your chance to simplify.

⚖️ Anyone Seeking Balance: This isn’t anti-macro. It’s about finding harmony between structured eating and listening to your body’s needs. Tracking macros is an amazing tool, but it’s not the only tool.

What To Expect:

🗓 One Month, Big Change: Over four weeks, you’ll receive a series of emails aimed at helping you break free from macro tracking. Each week will include two challenges to help you work towards a life free from tracking macros.

💪 Guided Steps: Instead of quitting cold turkey, I offer gradual challenges. Choose the pace that feels right for you each week.

🚀 Results! I stopped tracking 4 years ago and maintained my weight, but more importantly, I found peace with food. In fact, I ended up feeling significantly better not tracking macros. This can be your story, too.

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