French Fries Nutrition

Fast Food Fries Nutrition
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Happy Fry-Day, friends!

For this comparison, we’re looking at medium sized sides of fries at popular fast food places. If their fries don’t come in a medium, we’re using a “regular” side of fries instead. Generally speaking, this is the standard size of a side of fries that you will get.

Obviously exact serving sizes will vary here, and you’ll never get the same exact amount of fries when you order, but this will give you a general idea. I can confirm that Five Guys’ “regular” fries is a giant portion, hence the nearly 1000 calories!

Unless you absolutely hate fast food, you have a favorite (and probably a least favorite), so let’s hear it! I’ve never had Arby’s fries, but this makes me want to try them. My vote goes to Burger King fries because I grew up with them, but I’ve never liked McDonald’s fries!

It was tough for me to leave KFC’s wedges off this list (because they’re awesome), but the jury says that they don’t count as fries for this comparison.

And to get ahead of the angry comments & messages: I am not promoting fast food as something you should eat, but I’m acknowledging that people enjoy it every once in a while (myself included) and might want to eat some damn fries. Calm yourselves.

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