Protein Brownie Batter

Protein Brownie Batter
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Today I bring you a recipe that I stumbled on completely by accident: edible protein brownie batter. I was preparing my absolute favorite recipe, my protein brownies, and I accidentally dumped WAY too much salt into the batter.

I baked them anyway, hoping they’d turn out, and they were absolutely disgusting. That’s a problem in and of itself, but what made it worse was that I now found myself craving brownies.

Not wanting to go through the baking process again, I decided to try my hand at creating an edible brownie batter so I didn’t need to wait. And, my friends, it came out so good.

I don’t like wasting too much of your time, so let me just hit you with a few quick notes about this recipe:

  • I use canned pumpkin in this recipe for the texture, but I promise you cannot taste any pumpkin.
  • You can likely make this with a vegan chocolate protein powder, but vegan powders typically require more liquid.
  • More chocolate = better. Get wild and add more chocolate chips into your batter if ya want!
  • I also use peanut butter powder in this recipe. Regular peanut butter should work, but will obviously add calories and some extra liquid. If you don’t have peanut butter powder, hate the taste, or have allergies, you can use an almond flour instead. Almond flour has a very mild taste and should work just as well!
  • I just discovered a new brown sugar substitute and I fell in love. It’s called So Nourished and it tastes just like brown sugar. I’ve historically used Swerve in my recipes, and that will work great here too. If you only have regular sugar substitute and not brown sugar, you can certainly use that, but just keep in mind that it may slightly alter the taste.

Overall, this recipe is very forgiving since it requires no baking! Feel free to tweak some ingredients based on your preferences, or attack it exactly as-is.

I split this recipe up into 4 servings. If you’re worried about your ability to not eat the entire thing, split the recipe in half and make a batch for yourself. If you split it in half, the entire recipe will have 260 calories and 32g of protein!

If you do make the entire recipe and want to measure out exactly 1/4, I recommend weighing the entire recipe once it’s finished, then simply dividing that by 4 to figure out how much a single serving weighs!

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Protein Brownie Batter

Macros for one serving (recipe makes 4)



Net Carbs


*9g total carbs: 5g fiber, 2g sugar

  • Prep Time: <5 Minutes
  • Sitting Time: 15-30 Minutes
  • Total Time: 35 Minutes
  • Servings: 4



  1. Combine all of the dry ingredients (protein powder, cocoa powder, powdered peanut butter, and salt) in a bowl and whisk together.
  2. Add in the canned pumpkin, maple syrup, and brown sugar, and use a silicone spatula to mix. It’s going to be thick, so continue stirring until a batter begins to form.
  3. Add the chocolate chips to a small bowl and microwave to melt. Time will vary based on your microwave, but stir every 15-20 seconds to prevent burning. Continue until they’re completely melted and smooth.
  4. Add the melted chocolate to your brownie batter and stir well.
  5. Put your brownie batter in the fridge to fully cool & thicken, anywhere from 15-30 minutes (can sit overnight as well).
  6. Remove from the fridge, top with some extra chocolate chips and coarse salt, and dig in!

Additional Notes/Substitutions

  • The pumpkin helps create a batter consistency. If you just mix with milk, it’s going to be stickier due to the whey protein. If you don’t have pumpkin, or don’t want to use any, unsweetened applesauce should also work. But by all means, you can try using just milk and seeing how it goes!
  • I’m obsessed with Lily’s baking chips, but any chocolate chips will do.
  • The melted chocolate in the batter helps to not only create a smooth texture, but also amplify the chocolate flavor. I don’t recommend omitting it, but you certainly can if you want to save some extra calories (these chocolate chips only add 25 calories to every serving).
  • As mentioned above, feel free to experiment with these ingredients and your own substitutions! This recipe is very forgiving.
  • Final note: I don’t count sugar substitute in my macros since they do not contribute to the overall calories. If you are super strict about carbs, make sure you take the sugar alcohols (depending on which sugar substitute you use) into account.
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