Where are my Chipotle fans at?! Save this guide to use before your next Chipotle run. Whether you aim to eat low carb, high protein, or anything in between, this should help you compile the perfect meal to fit your goals.

Note that these macros are never going to be exact. You know how it goes- sometimes you get a nice heaping scoop of meat, and other times you get next to nothing. But when you go for takeout food, it’s all about estimating, and this guide allows you to do exactly that. Whether you are ordering a burrito, a salad, or tacos, the portion sizes will generally be about the same (4oz is standard for meat and beans). If you’re looking to cut calories, be careful with the side of chips. The chips may seem harmless, but the 500+ calories can add up really quickly, especially if paired with queso or guac! I will often ask for no chips on the side to avoid the temptation all together, because if they’re in front of me, I’m eating them.

And my ultimate tip: always ask for double meat. It’ll cost you a few extra bucks, but if you get double chicken, you’re looking at a meal that likely has 80g of protein after everything is added. Maybe that’s too much protein for you…but I’ll take it!

OK, confession time… I’ve only had Chipotle one time in my life. Don’t kill me. But I think it’s time to give it another try.

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