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10 Reasons to Try Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Right Now

There’s no denying it – nitro cold brew coffee is downright delicious.

There’s just something about its creamy texture, velvety mouthfeel, and rich flavor profile that makes it one of the best coffee drinks you can order (or make at home).

Tall nitro cold brew

But if you haven’t tried nitro before, I want to prove to you that it’s not just hype – it’s truly an incredible cup of coffee that’s worth trying. Yes, it can be expensive, but it’s totally worth it.

My goal here is to convince even the casual coffee drinkers out there to give nitro cold brew a shot.

From its unique brewing process to its health benefits and everything in between, we’re going to dive into what sets nitro cold brew apart and why it’s quickly becoming the go-to beverage for coffee lovers everywhere.

So go grab yourself some coffee, settle in, and explore the wonderful world of nitrogen-infused coffee with me.


Nitro Cold Brew: What Exactly Is It?

Foamy nitro

Nitro cold brew coffee is an absolutely amazing way to get your daily caffeine fix. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!

Nitro is essentially what you get if you combine smooth cold brew coffee with a draft beer (no, it does not taste like beer or contain any alcohol).

The brewing process is actually the same as regular cold-brew coffee, which means that it’s steeped in cold water for an extended period of time to extract the flavor.

But here’s where it gets really interesting: instead of being served over ice, it’s infused with nitrogen gas and served from a tap, just like beer. The result is a coffee that’s cold, smooth, and deliciously creamy. It’s like having a decadent dessert in a cup, but without any added sugar or sweeteners, and with a bunch of caffeine.

To put it simply: nitro cold brew coffee is regular cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen as it is poured, which results in a sweeter flavor and that beautiful foamy glass you see, just like a Guinness beer.


10 Things That Make Nitro Cold Brew Amazing

Glass of nitro cold brew

I truly believe that nitro cold brew coffee is the most delicious coffee you can order. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Nitro is served out of a tap, just like draft beer.
  2. Nitro cold brew is made by infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas, which gives it a creamy taste, velvety texture and a foamy head, similar to a Guinness beer.
  3. Nitro cold brew has a lower acidity level than regular coffee, making it much easier on the stomach and reducing the risk of acid reflux.
  4. The nitrogen bubbles in nitro cold brew coffee enhance the coffee’s natural flavors and aromas, giving it a smoother and richer taste than regular cold brew.
  5. Nitro can be made with different types of coffee beans, allowing for a wide range of flavor profiles and roasts. In other words: it’s always different!
  6. Nitro is served without ice cubes to preserve the natural cascading effect of the nitrogen bubbles.
  7. Since nitro has so much flavor on its own, it’s often served without much flavor or cream added, which makes it a lower-calorie alternative to many coffee drinks.
  8. Nitro cold brew can easily be brewed at home with a mini keg or even a whipped cream canister.
  9. The nitrogen gas in nitro cold brew coffee provides a natural preservative, allowing it to stay fresh for longer than other types of coffee.
  10. Since nitro is served without ice, you end up getting more coffee & more caffeine per cup of coffee.
  11. You can buy canned or bottled nitro cold brew to then pour out into a glass to still get all of the same benefits that a nitro-infused tap provides


Where to Find Nitro Cold Brew

Starbucks nitro

Nitro cold brew coffee has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but it’s still fairly new compared to other coffee drinks.

So, you might not find it at every coffee shop you visit. However, many local coffee shops and major chains like Starbucks will be fully stocked with a keg full of cold brew for you.

Starbucks was one of the first major chains to offer nitro cold brew coffee, and it may have seemed like a fad at first, but now it can be found at most of their locations. They serve it straight from the tap, and I must say, it is absolutely delicious. Yes, it is quite expensive, especially compared to a regular cup of coffee, but it is really good.

Many other coffee chains have also jumped on the nitro cold brew bandwagon, so you might find it at your favorite coffee shop, too.

If you can’t find nitro cold brew coffee at your local coffee shop or chain, don’t worry. You can also find it in bottles or cans at many grocery stores or even gas stations. Many coffee companies (like Starbucks) now offer nitro cold brew in pre-packaged bottles or cans, making it easy to enjoy the drink at home or on the go. Just be sure to give the bottle or can a good shake before opening it to release all those delicious nitrogen bubbles.

While nitro cold brew coffee is still a relatively new drink, it’s becoming more widely available. If your local coffeeshop doesn’t serve it, then hang tight, because it may very well be coming in the neat future. If not, head to the grocery store to pick up a bottle or can of nitro, or make your own batch at home!


How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Pouring nitro cold brew

Making your own nitro cold brew at home is super easy with the right tools.

First, you’ll need a cold brew recipe– lucky for you, I have one here! Cold brew is surprisingly easy to make, and I make my own batch every week.

Cold brew is made by combining a coarse grind of coffee beans and cold water. After steeping the coffee for 12-24 hours (I always aim for about 16 hours), strain it through a coffee filter to yield a cold brew concentrate.

Mix the concentrate with an equal amount of water, or go with a 2:1 water-to-coffee ratio depending on how strong you like your coffee. For nitro, stronger coffee tends to work best.

Next, transfer the coffee concentrate to a whipped cream dispenser or a mini keg, pressurize it with nitrous oxide, and shake it to infuse the nitrogen gas. For a whipped cream canister, this only takes a few minutes. With a mini keg, you’ll want to let the keg sit for about an hour in the fridge.

Once the nitrogen gas has been infused, you dispense the nitro cold brew from the tap system and you’re left with a beautiful glass of nitro cold brew.

Don’t worry, I have a full post dedicated to the process of making nitro cold brew coffee at home that breaks it all down step-by-step. Find my nitro cold brew recipe here.


Difference Between Cold Brew And Nitro Cold Brew (And Iced Coffee)

Coffee comparisons

If you’re new to the world of nitro, you may be wondering what the differences are between that, regular cold brew, and iced coffee. As an avid coffee drinker, I’ve got you covered.

Iced Coffee:

Iced coffee is made by brewing regular coffee with hot water and then pouring it over ice. You can take any cup of coffee, whether it be drip coffee, French press, pour-over, etc, and then serve that over ice.

This method is quick and easy, but you’ll often find the coffee being a bit diluted if it isn’t chilled before being poured over ice.

Cold Brew:

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. This slow brewing process results in a coffee concentrate that is then mixed with water or milk to create a smooth cup of cold brew coffee.

Unlike traditional hot coffee which is made using fine grind coffee, cold brew uses coarse ground coffee.

Cold brew coffee has less acidity compared to traditional iced coffee and is often less bitter, making it much easier on the stomach. The slow steeping also results in coffee that has a slight sweetness, meaning you may even find yourself adding fewer flavor syrups or creamers to your coffee.

Here’s a useful graphic I made to break down the major differences between cold brew and iced coffee:

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

So, how does nitro differ from regular cold brew?

Nitro actually starts out as a regular cold brew, so you don’t have to brew a separate batch of coffee to make your nitro.

Nitro cold brew coffee is made by infusing regular cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas, which creates a creamy and smooth texture and a foamy head, similar to a draft beer.

The tiny nitrogen bubbles help to enhance the flavor of the coffee and provide a unique, smooth cup of coffee. Nitro cold brew coffee is typically served straight up, without ice, to showcase that velvety texture and cascading foam from the nitrogen bubbles.

Here’s a quick comparison of nitro cold brew and regular cold brew:

Nitro cold brew comparison

At the end of the day, if you enjoy cold coffee, they’re all great options, but there are notable differences.

Iced coffee is the least exciting of the bunch, but it is the cheapest, easiest to make, and may fit your lifestyle the best. Since it’s just hot brewed coffee served over ice, the flavor is one that everyone is familiar with.

Cold brewed coffee is more expensive than traditional iced coffee, but the smooth flavor and lower acidity may make it worth the upgrade for you.

Nitro brew is one step up from cold brew, resulting in an even more expensive coffee beverage, but with a flavor that is enhanced even further. I believe it is absolutely worth trying at least once to see what all the hype is about.

Ultimately, the type of coffee you choose depends on your personal preference and taste!


Health Benefits of Nitro Cold Brew

Short glass of nitro

Nitro cold brew coffee not only tastes amazing, but it also has some additional health benefits that make it a great choice for coffee lovers.

First, because nitro cold brew is bolder and more flavorful than regular coffee, you may find that you need less flavor syrup or sugar to sweeten it up to your liking. This means that you can still enjoy a delicious coffee without all the extra calories and sugar that can be found in other coffee drinks.

Another benefit of nitro cold brew is that it has low acidity. This makes it easier on the stomach than other coffee drinks, especially if you suffer from acid reflux or other digestive issues.

The tiny nitrogen bubbles in nitro cold brew also give it a smoother taste and texture, making it a great alternative for those who find regular coffee to be too harsh on their stomach.

While those are notable health benefits, it’s worth noting that nitro cold brew coffee contains more caffeine than typical coffee drinks, so you need to be careful if you are watching your caffeine intake.

Consuming caffeine has been proven to provide a lot of benefits, but too much caffeine can be problematic, so it’s important to keep that in mind when ordering nitro.

For example, a tall nitro from Starbucks contains 215mg of caffeine, while a tall iced coffee contains just 120mg of caffeine.


The Future of Coffee is Nitro

Nitro cold brew from tap

Nitro cold brew is a true game-changer in the coffee industry.

With its creamy, rich, smooth flavor, it’s delicious cold brew coffee that has been taken to the next level.

Nitro is available at many local coffeeshops, major chains like Starbucks, and even at grocery stores in cans or bottles, making it an easily accessible drink. And if you can’t find nitro cold brew near you, or you simply don’t want to pay the premium, you can make your own nitro coffee at home.

Whether you are a cold brew coffee lover like me, someone who needs a major caffeine boost in the morning, or just someone who enjoys a refreshing beverage, nitro cold brew is a must-try. If you have yet to try nitro cold brew, I hope this post has convinced you to change that!

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