Protein Brownie Recipe

Healthy Protein Brownies
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The perfect brownie recipe doesn’t exi-

Guys. I’ve done it. This is the last brownie recipe you’ll ever need.

I swear I thought I screwed up the macros for these because they seem too good to be true, so I’ve checked them countless times. They are very much correct.

90 calories, 4g fat, only 1g sugar, and 10g protein!! 

And did I mention these are flourless AND gluten-free?!

I promise you, these taste just like the real thing. Soft, gooey, and chocolatey. Feed these to any brownie lover (kids included) and I bet they would never know the difference.

I have to be honest with you though- this is not the exact recipe I set out to make. I knew I wanted to make brownies, and I had an idea of the ingredients I wanted to use, but my intentions were to use brown sugar as the only sweetener in these. But as luck would have it, I ran out.

So, I improvised. I used some brown sugar, some granulated sugar, and some liquid sweetener (maple syrup). And I must say, I am beyond pleased with the result. This may not be the exact recipe I thought up, but now I’m not going to change a damn thing.

A few things to keep in mind…

I used Bowmar Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate powder in this recipe, and I highly, highly recommend you do the same. If you have another protein powder handy, you can try it, but I have NO idea if it will turn out the same. Since we’re not using flour in this recipe, it lives and dies with the protein powder you choose. The Protein Hot Chocolate not only provides the perfect chocolate flavor for this recipe, but also bakes to the consistency we need.

I do use a few high fat ingredients like peanut butter and eggs in this recipe. While you might be tempted to swap them out for alternatives such as PB2 or applesauce, I don’t recommend it. I understand wanting to save even more calories, but these macros are already awesome, and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the authentic brownie texture that the fat provides.

Pumpkin puree (or canned pumpkin) is also vital. It sounds weird, I know, but it’s one of the main pieces of this recipe that keeps the brownies nice and gooey. Don’t omit it. Trust me, I don’t even love the taste of pumpkin, but you won’t taste it in your brownies.

I used an 8×8 baking dish for these, and you should try to do the same. A larger pan will lead to much thinner brownies, which totally defeats the purpose.

Okay, now stop reading and make yourself some delicious brownies!

Protein Brownies

Macros for each brownie (recipe makes 9):





*2g Fiber & only 1g Sugar!

  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 Minutes
  • Total Time: 35 Minutes
  • Servings: 9 Brownies
Protein Brownies



  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F
  2. Using a hand mixer, mix together your eggs, vanilla extract, brown sugar, peanut butter, maple syrup, and pumpkin puree. If you don’t have an electric mixer, use a whisk and make sure everything is mixed well.
  3. Add your dry ingredients one at a time to your liquids. Start with cocoa powder (it is very light so be careful to not let it fly everywhere), then add your Protein Hot Chocolate, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  4. Once you have a nice batter, grab a silicone spatula (these work best) and scrape the sides of your bowl to make sure everything is incorporated. Fold in your chocolate chips. For extra gooey brownies, feel free to double-up the chocolate chips called for.
  5. Generously spray an 8×8 baking pan with cooking spray, pour your batter in and add to the oven.
  6. Bake for 30 minutes. As oven temperatures tend to vary, you may need an additional 5 minutes. I pulled mine at exactly 30 minutes and they were very soft, but that was the texture I was looking for. Don’t worry if they feel slightly undercooked, they’ll continue to cook a bit more in the pan once they’re pulled from the oven. Just make sure if you stick a fork into the center that it comes out pretty clean (a little residue is okay). Slightly undercooked is always better than slightly overcooked with these.
  7. Let cool for 10-15 minutes, then slice into 9 brownies. Don’t get too eager and cut the brownies right out of the oven- they need this time to set or they’ll be too soft and fall apart.
  8. These are best fresh out of the oven, but can be kept in the refrigerator and enjoyed throughout the week!
Protein Brownie Recipe

Notes for substitutions:

  • Using Bowmar Nutrition protein is important in this one. Since we’re not using any flour, the protein powder acts as the base of the recipe. You can certainly try another chocolate protein powder, but there is no promise that these are going to turn out nearly as good.
  • Don’t have Swerve sweeteners? That’s okay. You can use any sweetener you’d like, but just note that brown sugar is ideal to create the soft brownie consistency we want. If you use all Stevia, for example, these are likely to come out somewhat gritty. I would use a little bit less sugar/sugar substitute and use slightly more liquid sweetener to help the grittiness.
  • I wouldn’t recommend swapping out the nut butter for something like powdered peanut butter. While I understand wanting to save calories, you won’t get nearly the same consistency. Plus, these macros are already great as-is! If you don’t like the taste of peanut butter, you can definitely use almond, cashew, sunflower butter, etc, but keep in mind that it’s a very mild peanut butter taste.
  • You can use any chocolate chips or chocolate you want, but the macros might not be as friendly.
  • When it comes to liquid sweeteners, you can use regular maple syrup, agave, honey… but as always, it will change up the macros.
*** The carb total of this recipe is technically higher than listed, but I do not count the carbs in Swerve sweeteners. When it comes to sugar substitutes, some people like to count the carbs, but I do not- since it is zero calories, the impact of those carbs is negligible.
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