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Spinach & Feta Air Fryer Turkey Burgers

Many people don’t enjoy turkey burgers because they are generally dry or lack flavor, especially when compared to a beef burger.

These spinach & feta turkey burgers will change that. By cooking these burgers in the air fryer, we’re going to have incredibly juicy, delicious turkey burgers.

Each air fryer turkey burger patty is only 195 Calories, 10g Fat, 2g Carbs, and 24g Protein.

When you complete the burger with delicious toppings and a perfectly toasted brioche bun, the entire sandwich comes to only 370 calories and contains 30g of protein!

No need to step outside and brave the elements to make these air fryer burgers- all you need is a kitchen and about 20 minutes.


How to make turkey burgers in the air fryer

It’s tough to beat a burger on the grill. But I recently found myself in the mood for burgers for dinner while it was pouring outside, so I was searching for an alternative.

Knowing that the air fryer makes an incredibly juicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, I knew it would work great for turkey burgers, too.

For these air fryer turkey burgers, we’re going to make them Greek-inspired using feta cheese & spinach, but you can get creative with these however you’d like.

To start, microwave 4-5 cups of fresh spinach until it is cooked down. You can cook it on the stovetop as well, but I like to keep things easy, and the microwave only takes about one minute.

Wrap the cooked spinach in a paper towel and squeeze out as much water as you can. Since spinach is mostly water, we want to wring out as much as possible to avoid the burgers becoming too loose.

Put the spinach in a large bowl and mix with feta cheese, seasonings, and 93/7 ground turkey. You can use turkey that isn’t quite as lean, or you can use 99% lean ground turkey if you prefer- both should yield great results.

Mix everything up with your hands until combined.

The lean turkey is going to create a loose mixture, so don’t be surprised if you can’t form patties very easily in your hands. Don’t worry- I have a simple fix for that!

All you need to do is separate your turkey into 4 equal-sized pieces, form them into balls, then add 2 to your air fryer basket.

Within the air fryer basket, we’re going to press them down into turkey burger patties. By doing it this way, it makes it very easy to form the patties even with the mixture being loose.

These air fryer turkey burgers will take about 10 minutes to cook at 350 degrees F, but the exact time will vary based on the fat content of your turkey and the size of the burgers you make, so keep an eye on them.

Note: You can also check the turkey patties for doneness by using a meat thermometer if preferred. Turkey will be fully cooked when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

Let them cook for 5 minutes, then flip them before finishing for the final 5 minutes.

After 10 minutes, these air fryer turkey burgers will be fully cooked through but still nice and juicy (partly thanks to the addition of the feta cheese, as well).

Now all that is left to do is add to your bun, throw some toppings on, and enjoy!


Best toppings for air fryer turkey burgers

First and foremost, no sandwich is complete without a perfectly toasted brioche bun.

I don’t know about you, but that photo just makes my heart happy. I use brioche buns for all my sandwiches, like my Crispy Chicken Sandwich and my BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, because they are absolutely delicious!

But on top of that, the nutrition is quite favorable as well. By the looks of these buttery brioche buns, you might assume they are very high in calories, but each brioche bun is only 150 calories. I use “St. Pierre’s” brand and swear by them.

Other than the bun, this Avocado Tzatziki Dip from Trader Joe’s is the perfect compliment to these air fryer turkey burgers. At only 25 calories for 2 tablespoons, this makes a great condiment for these Greek turkey burgers.

Regular tzatziki sauce would work great here, and something as simple as Greek yogurt could also make a great topping.

Fresh veggies complement turkey burgers very well, and you can choose whichever vegetables you’d like. For me, I found thinly sliced tomato, cucumber, and red onions to work perfectly.

These air fryer turkey burgers leave a lot of opportunity for creativity, so feel free to switch up those toppings.

Update from Matt: I make this recipe very often, but recently I decided that instead of forming a turkey patty I’d form them into turkey meatballs instead.

If you want to make meatballs from this recipe (which ends up being fantastic for meal prep) you can follow the recipe exactly as-is, but form 12 meatballs instead. The cook time and instructions will be the same!


What to serve with air fryer turkey burgers

What’s a burger without a great side dish? If you’re looking for a perfect complement to these Greek-style turkey burgers, look no further than my Pita Chips & Spicy Feta Dip (Tirokafteri).

Homemade pita chips and spicy feta dip

The spicy feta dip would even make a perfect condiment for these air fryer turkey burgers!

And if you want to go with a classic side of French Fries, be sure to check out my Spicy Nacho Cheese French Fries or Parmesan Truffle Fries for a great pairing.


Spinach & Feta Air Fryer Turkey Burgers

Spinach & Feta Air Fryer Turkey Burgers

Yield: 4 Burgers
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Whip up a batch of Greek-inspired turkey burgers without needing a grill. These lean, healthy burgers are made in the air fryer to keep them nice and juicy!


For Turkey Burger Patties

  • 1 Pound 93/7 Ground Turkey
  • 5 Cups Fresh Spinach (can also use frozen spinach)
  • 42g Reduced-Fat Crumbled Feta (regular feta works great)
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 tsp Pepper


  • 4 Brioche Buns
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Red Onion
  • Trader Joe's Avocado Tzatziki Dip (any Tzatziki or Greek yogurt works great as a topping)


  1. Microwave your spinach in a bowl for about one minute until it cooks down (you can also cook on the stovetop if you prefer). Wrap in a towel and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. If you're using frozen spinach, you can follow the same steps to make sure you squeeze out as much water as you can.
  2. In a large bowl, combine your spinach with the rest of the ingredients for your turkey burger patties. The mixture will feel very loose, but that is because we are dealing with a very lean ground turkey.
  3. Spray your air fryer basket with nonstick cooking spray, or use air fryer parchment paper sheets to line the basket.
  4. Break the ground turkey mixture into 4 equal-sized pieces and form them into a ball in your hands. Add two to your air fryer basket and press them down into burger shape inside the air fryer. Since the mixture is loose and delicate, I find it easier to just form the burgers within the air fryer.
  5. My air fryer fits 2 burger patties, so I made 2 batches, but you can cook all at once if they fit. While my 2 turkey burgers were cooking, I kept the rest of the ground turkey in the fridge.
  6. Air fry the turkey burgers at 350 degrees F for about 10 minutes, carefully flipping them halfway through. Note that cooking time may vary slightly depending on the size of your air fryer, the fat content of the turkey you use, and the size of the burgers you make.
  7. While the turkey burgers cook, lightly toast your brioche buns by placing them in a stovetop pan over medium heat until toasted to your liking.
  8. Remove the turkey burgers from the air fryer & add them to your buns. Top each cooked burger with sliced cucumber, red onion, tomato, and your tzatziki sauce. You can use any toppings you'd like here, even my Spicy Feta Dip.


  • The nutrition listed here includes a St. Pierre's Brioche Bun and 2 Tablespoons of Trader Joe's Avocado Tzatziki Dip per burger.
  • Each turkey burger patty without the bun or toppings is 195 Calories, 10g Fat, 2g Carbs, and 24g Protein.
  • If you find the burgers too difficult to form, you can add breadcrumbs to the mixture to act as a binder, I just prefer to do without them.

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Nutrition Information
Yield 4 Serving Size Turkey Burger With Toppings & Bun
Amount Per Serving Calories 370Total Fat 14gCarbohydrates 29gProtein 30g

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