The Effects of Diet Culture

How diet culture has affected the way we look at certain foods
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Do you remember when life used to be simple? When you could drink a fruit smoothie, knowing that fruit is healthy. Or snack on granola because it’s convenient and flippin’ delicious. It was a time before the internet absolutely exploded with fad diets and extreme nutrition movements. Now you’re told that you should NEVER eat sugar. Or you should avoid saturated fats. Or consuming sodium is a death sentence. Or dairy is going to make your brain poop rusty nails.

We live in a really amazing time, when ssooo much information is available to us at our fingertips. But it’s also a terrible time if you’re trying to figure out wtf you should eat to live a healthy life. Frankly, we severely overcomplicate it. We’re always trying to find the “healthiest” food and avoid anything that is “bad” for us. Instead, we should focus on what we ENJOY and what fits into our lifestyle. You love granola and need a quick breakfast? Eat granola. You love yogurt? Awesome. You enjoy cutting holes out of turkey and wearing it as a mask? Me too.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated. Everything is great in moderation, and if it was once considered healthy, odds are it still is. Eat it if you want, don’t eat it if you don’t.

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