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Low Calorie Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Calories aren’t everything.

If you want to lose weight, it’s true that calories are going to be the most important factor. You need to be in a caloric deficit overall to lose weight.

But that does not mean that a food that is low calorie is always going to be healthy.

On the flip side, that also doesn’t mean that high calorie food is unhealthy, either.

Extra virgin olive oil is loaded up with calories, but it’s incredibly healthy.

Sugar free jello is super low calorie, but it’s not necessarily great for your health.

We tend to gravitate towards low calorie foods, chasing what is the most “macro friendly” to keep us on track. But your weight goals are only temporary. Your overall health is permanent. You don’t always need to focus on the lowest calorie options.

Can you eat low calorie and still be healthy? Absolutely. Calories themselves don’t dictate whether or not you are healthy. There are plenty of low calorie foods that are incredibly healthy (hi vegetables ?)

Calories don’t tell us anything about micronutrients. You may be neglecting important vitamins and minerals by only focusing on calories. Don’t forget that there is much more to your overall health.

If you’ve been focused on low calorie forever, allow yourself to loosen up the reins. You can eat almonds even though they’re high calorie. You can cook with oil. You can enjoy some avocado toast.

We all define “healthy” differently. But whatever you definition is, calories should not always be the driving force.

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