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The Perfect Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers

As an avid coffee lover, I’ve learned a thing or two about good coffee over the years. If you have a coffee lover in your life that is in need of a gift, I have quite a few recommendations for you!

Sure, you can go with a Dunkin or Starbucks gift card, but there’s no fun in that.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who is a seasoned coffee pro, or someone who is brand new to the world of coffee, there are plenty of options out there.

I could probably list hundreds of coffee gifts for you, but I’ll do my best to shorten it down into the essentials. We’ll explore three different categories of coffee gifts:

  1. Coffee & Drinkware
  2. Home Brewing
  3. Cold Brew & Iced Coffee

Note that these are all items that I have personally used and recommend. Feel free to shop around and use your best judgement, but I’ll let you know why I recommend each of these items!

Let’s start with the basics: coffee and drinkware.


Coffee & Drinkware

When it comes to coffee, you need to start with...well, coffee. Let's explore some of my all-time favorite coffee beans & coffee grounds, and some of my favorite drinking vessels.


Home Brewing Gifts

There's truly no wrong way to brew coffee, but depending on your preferences, there may be a "best" way. Here is my list of home-brewing essentials to cover my favorite brewing methods.


Cold Brew & Iced Coffee Gifts

No matter the weather, I always prefer cold coffee to hot coffee. If you're not well-versed in cold coffee, it's important to note that cold brew and iced coffee are not the same things! To simplify it: cold brew slow steeps for 12-24 hours, and iced coffee is any hot coffee that is served cold over ice (but I wrote up a full detailed breakdown here).

But whether it's cold-brewed or just served cold, it's always my preferred coffee!

If you have someone in your life that prefers cold coffee, there's a gift here for ya.

What coffee-related items would you add to these lists? I’d love to hear ’em!

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