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An Honest Review of Flock Chicken Chips

Disclaimer: Flock was kind enough to pass along a discount code for the purposes of this review, and you can save 15% on any order at with the code “CHEATDAYDESIGN” at checkout. This review is completely unbiased and 100% honest, but if I can save you guys any money on products, I’m always going to try to do so!


If you want to watch the full video review of these Flock Chicken Chips, you can check it out below. Otherwise, read on!

How do crunchy chips made out of chicken skin sound to you?

Maybe it sounds amazing. Maybe it sounds disgusting. Maybe you have zero feelings towards crunchy poultry snacks.

Well, like it or not, you’re about to learn how I feel about them!

I’ve seen reviews for these chips all over the map. If you do a search on Amazon, you’ll get people saying these are the best chips ever, and others saying that these chips made them vomit because they’re so rancid.

People are so dramatic.

If you want an honest, actually helpful review, read on. I’ve got you covered.


What are Flock Chicken Chips?

To be honest (which is the whole point of this post) I had never heard of chicken chips prior to this review.

Flock Foods reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to try their products in an exchange for an honest review, and I’m not one to turn down snacks. Especially if those snacks are high protein. As long as they know I’m going to be 100% honest, I’m always open to trying new snacks and letting you know how they are.

Now, the idea of chicken chips is new to me. They’re made from deep-fried chicken skins and seasoning, nothing else.

Here’s the description of these chips from the Flock website: With the crispy and crunchy texture of potato chips (without the carbs) and the protein of jerky, this is the ultimate guilt free, keto friendly, low carb, and high protein snack.

Personally, I don’t gravitate towards meat-based snacks. Whether it’s jerky or pork rinds, they’re not super appealing to me. So what is the appeal of these chicken chips?

For me, it’s the fact that they’re pretty high in protein. For others, the fact that they contain 0 carbs (especially if following a keto diet) is super appealing.

While these Flock chips are very high in fat (chicken skin it naturally high in fat, then you add more from deep-frying) they are also very high in protein compared to regular chips.

Since I don’t eat a keto or low-carb diet, clearly I’m not the target for these chips. But, carbs or not, the nutrition facts look pretty similar to some protein bars on the market, so it’s not all bad.


First impressions of Flock Chicken Chips

Overall, the serving sizes are incredibly disappointing. While one bag is a full serving, the bag is barely filled up 1/4 of the way.

This is to be expected, though, as chicken skins are very high in calories. If they had filled the bag up completely, you’d likely be looking at 600+ calories in a tiny bag, which nobody would end up buying.

Texture: These chips are super crunchy, and they look & crunch very similarly to wonton chips. If you’ve ever ordered Chinese food and had those wonton chips on the side, these are very similar. They’re very crunchy, yet still light & airy.

However, I must add that these are definitely on the greasy side and they’ll leave your fingers feeling pretty oily.

Taste: I did not know what to expect going into trying these, but these truly do taste like fried chicken. More specifically, it tastes like you’re eating the crunchy outer layer of fried chicken. Makes sense, right? I mean, that’s exactly what these chips are!

Is it strange just snacking on fried chicken? To me, it kind of is. But like I mentioned earlier, I’m not much of a fan of eating beef jerky or pork rinds, which fall into a very similar category.

Overall Thoughts: These chips taste exactly like you’d expect deep-fried chicken skin to taste. Honestly, they taste much better than I anticipated (scroll down to see my thoughts on each individual flavor) but they still don’t get me super excited.

With right around 200 calories and such a tiny serving size per bag, I’d personally rather eat a protein bar. But, to each their own! These are definitely aimed at the keto market, which I am not a part of, so it takes away a little bit of the appeal to me.


Original Flock Chicken Chips Review

The Original Flock Chicken Chips taste exactly like fried chicken. If you were to buy a bucket of fried chicken and just eat the crunchy outer layer, it would taste identical to these chips.

Is that a good thing? Sure, if you love fried chicken, it is!

They are salty and crunchy the way you’d want chips to be and they taste as advertised. They’re quite greasy, but considering the high fat content (and the nature of deep-fried foods) that’s to be expected.


Salt & Vinegar Flock Chicken Chips

The salt & vinegar Flock Chicken Chips taste just like a saltier version of the Original, which is significantly better in my mind.

I actually do not like salt & vinegar flavored chips, so I was expecting to hate this flavor. But you can’t taste any vinegar in these chips at all.

That’s bad news if you love salt & vinegar chips, but good news if you’re like me and you don’t enjoy the pungent flavor of vinegar.

Overall, these chips just taste like salty fried chicken. If I was choosing between these and the original, I’d choose salt & vinegar every single time. The extra salt definitely improves the flavor!


Honey Sriracha Flock Chicken Chips

The Honey Sriracha Flock Chicken Chips are Chrissy Teigen’s creation. Apparently she loves these chicken chips so she partnered up to create this unique flavor with them.

The flavor is surprisingly spot-on. They’re quite spicy, which I really enjoy, but the sweetness definitely comes through. There’s a generous coating on each chip, and these definitely have the most flavor of any of the chips I tried.

With the honey sriracha, the chicken flavor is actually very minimal. In fact, if you had just given me this flavor to try, I would not have known they were chicken chips. For me, that’s preferred! If you’re hoping to have a chip that tastes like spicy chicken, I believe you’ll be disappointed in this flavor.

But, if you just want a delicious chip (or you specifically don’t want to eat a chip that tastes like chicken skin) then this is the flavor for you.


Final thoughts: are Flock Chicken Chips worth trying?

I enjoyed these chips more than I thought I would, and it turns out my dog really liked them, too.

That being said, I’m still not sure I’d be rushing out to buy these for myself. While the flavor is quite accurate to what you’d expect from chicken chips, that’s not really a snack I find myself craving.

On the Flock website, you can order 8-packs of these chicken chips for $24, putting them at $3 per bag. Considering the tiny amount of chips you get in each bag, $3 is a hefty price to pay.

Since I’m not keto, I can’t justify the high cost, as I’d much rather just eat regular chips and then get my protein in elsewhere. But, much like Protein Cereal, sometimes you just want to snack on some extra protein, which I totally understand.

Have you tried Flock Chicken Chips? I’d love to hear how you feel about them. Let me know in the comments!

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