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All-Natural vs Organic

All-Natural vs Organic

Natural and Organic, while they sound the same, are verryyy different. If you don’t like reading, here is your summary: certified organic is heavily regulated and is GUARANTEED to be completely organic. All-natural is a label that anybody in the world can use and is not regulated.

So what does “all natural” actually mean? Not a whole lot. All it means is that all the ingredients in a product come from nature. So a product may be completely from natural sources, but it can also be heavily processed. Ever heard of high fructose corn syrup? Do you consider that natural? Well, the FDA does. So take in a few spoonfuls of the stuff straight and you’re consuming an all-natural product!

On the flip side, you have organic. This label is regulated very closely by the USDA, meaning a product actually has to prove they’re organic before they slap the label on. While a natural product may be processed or containing pesticides & growth hormones, none of that flies with the USDA. If you’re on the non-GMO train, then organic is where you need to look. And when it comes to meat, a certified organic product guarantees not only that the animals were raised and treated humanely, but also that they were not treated with any growth hormones or fed anything other than organic foods.

An “all natural” product is not necessarily bad for you, don’t get it twisted. A product may be great for you, but the processing of a single ingredient can knock them out of contention for the organic label. Pick up a product and read the ingredients, and if you don’t know what something is, the internet is your friend! Like anything else with nutrition, it’s important to do your homework.

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