What can’t you milk these days? “I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?” If you don’t get that reference, you need to go and watch Meet The Parents immediately.

With so many milks on the market right now, I thought it might be helpful to see how they each stack up against each other! As you check out this guide, there are 3 things worth noting.

1. Prices of these milks is going to vary significantly. Skim milk is going to be significantly cheaper than macadamia milk, I can promise you that.

2. There are tons more I couldn’t fit here, and probably 1000 different brands, so nutrition is going to vary a bit. Most non-dairy milks have sweetened, unsweetened, and vanilla varieties, so there are a bunch of alternatives that may look a bit different than what is here. If you have a different oat milk, the macros are likely different- but it’s a good reference point!

3. Someone’s choice of milk is typically driven by something like dietary restrictions or environmental impact, so macros may not be a huge concern. But, like anything else, I find it helpful to be informed anyway.

I’m a huge fan of Silk Protein, which is a combo of almond/cashew milk + pea protein, so I had to include that here! Is your favorite milk on this list, or did I leave it off?

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