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Vegan (And Gluten-Free) No-Bake Protein Cookies

I get it. Sometimes you want to enjoy delicious cookies, but you don’t feel like turning on the oven.

And sometimes you don’t just want regular cookies, you want high protein cookies…that actually taste good.

Well, with this homemade protein cookie recipe, you can cater to your lazy sweet tooth (hey, I’m not judging) while still hitting your protein goals!

Vegan chocolate chip cookies

If you’re searching for a healthy treat that doesn’t skimp on taste, these Vegan No-Bake Protein Cookies, packed with 8 grams of protein each, are your answer.

With just around 100 calories per cookie and a generous 8g of protein, they’re a great way to get that extra protein into your plant-based or vegan diet.

These easy vegan protein cookies are the perfect healthy snack for when protein bars simply won’t cut it. Whether you’re a hardcore vegan, trying to incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet, or just someone with a sweet tooth who loves cookies, these have something for everyone.


Do Vegan Protein Cookies Taste Like Regular Cookies?

Cinnamon sugar vegan cookies

Let’s get this out of the way. If you compare a traditional baked cookie with its buttery goodness to these no-bake protein cookies, you’ll notice differences.

But here’s the real question: For a no-bake, high-protein, vegan cookie, do they taste good? Absolutely!

The texture is unique, soft yet firm, and the flavors, whether it’s the rich chocolate chip or the festive sprinkle of the sugar cookies, are spot-on. I don’t traditionally love vegan cookies, but I devoured the leftover cookies from this recipe in no time at all.

These cookies may not replace Grandma’s famous homemade cookie recipe, but for a health-conscious, protein-packed snack, they’re incredibly satisfying.


Ingredients Needed for Vegan No-Bake Cookies

In a large mixing bowl, combine these simple ingredients to make the magic happen

  • PEScience Vegan Protein Powder: I don’t enjoy most plant-based protein powder, but the PEScience vegan protein powder is delicious and easily the best vegan protein powder I have tried. Any type of protein powder should work in this recipe (even whey protein powder if you’re not vegan) but it’s important to note that all protein powder will absorb liquid differently. Certain types of protein powder may be more or less absorbent, so you’ll need to adjust the liquid if you make substitutions.

PEScience vegan protein powder

  • Oat & Almond Flour: I use both of these flavors to achieve the perfect texture while keeping these no-bake cookies gluten-free. Many recipes call for all purpose flour, but I like to stick with oat flour as my main ingredient as I find it has the best flavor. If almond allergies are a concern, you can replace almond flour with more oat flour or even coconut flour. Remember, different flours absorb moisture differently, so you may need to adjust the applesauce quantity accordingly.
  • Unsweetened Applesauce: I use applesauce as my liquid to bind everything together not just because it’s low-calorie, but because it adds an extra subtle sweetness to these cookies. Don’t worry, these cookies don’t taste like applesauce in the slightest. You can substitute applesauce for vegan butter or melted coconut oil if you prefer, but you’ll need to adjust the amounts.
  • Sugar or Sugar Substitute: Whether you’re into cane sugar, coconut sugar, or a sweetener like stevia, the amount will remain the same in the recipe.


How to Make No-Bake Vegan Protein Cookies

To make these no-bake cookies, you certainly don’t need a culinary degree. Just some love, patience, and the following simple steps…

Preparation: Gather all your ingredients. Plan which flavor of cookies you want to make (or multiple) and make sure you have everything you need to throw ’em together.

Mixing: Begin by mixing the dry ingredients together. This includes protein powder, oat flour, almond flour, and the sugar/sugar substitute. Giving everything a quick mix ensures there are no lumps and that the ingredients combine evenly.

Binding: Add the unsweetened applesauce to the bowl to bring everything together. Your goal is to achieve a dough-like consistency that’s not too wet or dry. If the mixture is too crumbly, add a splash of more applesauce or a tiny bit of non-dairy milk to bring it all together. If too wet, a sprinkle of more oat flour should do the trick. The amount listed in the recipe card was the perfect amount for mine, but there may be some slight variation.

Forming chocolate chip vegan cookies

Shaping: Once your dough is ready, break it apart into 4 cookie dough balls and roll each in the palm of your hands. Gently press each ball into a flat cookie shape on a sheet of parchment paper.

Optional Coating: ​For the cinnamon sugar cookies, I chose to toss the cookie dough balls in a little bit of cinnamon & sugar before flattening the cookies. This created an extra layer of flavor and texture that I highly recommend for these cookies.

Shaping cinnamon sugar vegan cookies

Setting: Place the flattened cookies on a plate or baking sheet and let them rest in the refrigerator. An hour should suffice, but the longer they set, the firmer and more delicious they’ll be. Remember, the key to these no-bake cookies is the chilling process. It allows the ingredients to come together, the flavors to intensify, and the cookies to achieve their perfect bite.

As they say, good things come to those who wait!


Storing & Enjoying Your Homemade Protein Cookies

Vegan no-bake protein cookies

Store these healthy cookies in an airtight container in the fridge. These cookies are perfectly safe to eat unrefrigerated, but they will become much softer when they are not chilled.

Enjoy these delicious cookies with a cold glass of almond milk and say goodbye to store-bought protein cookies forever.

As a non-vegan, these no-bake cookies have turned me into a believer. These have become a go-to post-workout snack for me, and I am consistently shocked by how delicious they truly are.

Don’t believe me? Try them for yourself!


More Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes For You

While I myself am not dairy-free, that doesn’t stop me from creating lots of delicious dairy-free recipes for you guys to enjoy. It’s often considered difficult to hit your protein goals on a vegan diet, but I’m here to prove otherwise!

Here are some amazing high-protein vegan recipes to try:


Vegan no-bake protein cookies

Vegan No-Bake Protein Cookies

Yield: 4 Cookies
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

These no-bake protein cookies could not be any easier to make, and each cookie checks all of the boxes you could want: low-calorie, high-protein, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, and delicious!


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Cookies (Snickerdoodles)

Vegan Sugar Cookies


No matter which flavor of vegan no-bake protein cookies you choose to make, the process will be exactly the same!

  1. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Give it a quick mix to work out any clumps.
  2. Add the applesauce to your bowl and use a silicone spatula to mix until cookie dough forms. I like using applesauce as my liquid because it adds an extra bit of sweetness, but any liquid, like almond milk, can work in its place (if you use a different liquid, add it a little bit at a time to make sure you don't add too much).
  3. Remove the cookie dough from the bowl and add to a sheet of parchment paper or clean surface.
  4. Break the vegan cookie dough into 4 equal-sized pieces and roll them into balls. If you are making cinnamon sugar cookies, I like to toss the cookie dough balls in a small amount of cinnamon sugar to fully coat them.
  5. Use your hands to flatten the cookie dough into cookie shapes. Flip them around a few times while forming to work out any cracks in the cookies.
  6. Refrigerate the cookies for at least 30 minutes. Refrigeration is necessary to help these cookies firm up and also to develop the flavors, so longer is typically better (even overnight works).
  7. Keep these cookies stored in the fridge and enjoy them when ready!


  • These cookies are safe to eat at room temperature, so they can be taken on the go as part of your meal prep, but they will soften at room temperature. Serving them cold keeps them firm, similar to what you see with something like Perfect Bars.
  • If you're not vegan but still want to make no-bake cookies, you can check out my dairy-based no-bake protein cookies.
  • The nutrition facts below are based on chocolate chip cookies, so the numbers will vary slightly based on the flavor you choose.

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Nutrition Information
Yield 4 Serving Size 1 Cookie
Amount Per Serving Calories 100Total Fat 3.5gCarbohydrates 10gProtein 8g

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